We spent a night at the Alhambra in Granada

The Alhambra Palace in Granada, the great monument of Spanish historical-artistic heritage, looks radiant at any time. But its courtyards, gardens and rooms acquire a special charm when the sun sets. The place is then enjoyed in a much more intimate and magical way. If you want to be one of the lucky ones who know what we are talking about, you have to go into a night visit to the Alhambra, and even book a night's stay at the hostel.

Night visits to the Alhambra

The first thing we have to say is that, as in the rest of the itineraries guided by the Alhambra, also for night visits it is essential to book. So if you know when you are going to visit the city of Granada, do not hesitate and make this reservation.

The Alhambra - Marques

Yes, you will have to choose between two types of night visits, the so-called visit to the Nasrid Palaces or the night tour of the Generalife Gardens and Palace.

Night visit to the Nasrid Palaces

This tour begins in the same Atrium of the Alhambra, and from there an itinerary follows parallel to the walls. It is the best way to discover from the outside different towers of the palatial fortress, to finally reach the palace of Carlos V, accessible from the door of Justice or the Carros door.

Courtyard of the Arrayanes - Neirfy

From here the most charismatic places of the Alhambra arrive, in which with the careful lighting and the nightlife it is easy to feel that one enters a story of Arabian Nights. In short, an unforgettable tour that passes through the Patio de los Arrayanes or Machuca, the Throne Room or the Barca Room. In addition to the famous Patio de los Leones or the incredible Sala de los Mocárabes.

Night tour of the Generalife Gardens and Palace

This is the second night visit option to the Alhambra. Y you have to keep in mind that they are mutually exclusive, at least on the same day, since they coincide the schedule of both. So we will have to choose if we only spend one night in Granada, or do both if our stay is longer, because this itinerary is equally incredible.

The Alhambra - Renata Sedmakova

The beginning is the same in the Atrio de la Alhambra, but from there continue along the Paseo de los Cipreses until you reach the Generalife Gardens and then to the palace of the same name, where the Apeadero Patio, the Acequia or the Second Patio awaits us, until we reach the Casa de los Amigos. That said, a magical visit to the moonlight.

«I don't know if I called this land my floor heaven, if this below is paradise, what will the Alhambra be, heaven?»

-Lope de Vega-

A night in the palace

However, at the beginning we said that we were going to tell you how to spend a night in the Alhambra. Well, for that it is necessary to book a room in the Parador de Granada, located in what was a part of the Nasrid royal residence. That is, as usual in the network of hostels in Spain, occupying a historic building, and in this case forming part of a world-renowned monument.

The Alhambra - pedrosala

There are rooms that still retain the original decoration, like the Nasrid Hall. Although other rooms have gone through the most varied avatars throughout its many centuries of history. But finally, since 1945 it is the Parador de Granada.

Of course, there can be no better place to spend a night in the city of Granada. If we said that the night visit evoked the tales of Arabian Nights, here we recommend that you take the reading Tales of the Alhambra, from Washington Irving. Happy and palatial dreams.

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