A beautiful tour of the palaces of Vienna

To say Vienna is to automatically think of its stately palaces ... The history of the Austrian capital revolves around three of those majestic buildings, including emperors, dances and operas ... Come with us to enjoy the elegant and spectacular Vienna palaces, and feel part of the royalty ... Like Empress Sissi!

The 3 Vienna palaces

During a visit to the capital of Austria we can not fail to admire the beauty of its architecture in many buildings in the city center. In addition to the Opera or the Parliament, you must visit three Vienna palaces as famous as they are beautiful. Let's meet them.

1. Schonbrunn Palace

The set that forms the palace and its gardens was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The house has a thousand rooms! And the park 1 kilometer wide by 1.2 long.

Schonbrunn Palace - Emi Cristea

It began to be built in 1642 as an "annex" to the mansion used as a hunting ground for royalty. A century later it would be used as a summer residence for the Habsburg family, being their favorite until in 1918 the monarchy falls.

In the tour of the interior of the palace we can learn a lot about its history, the events of the time when the court enjoyed its maximum splendor and, of course, the personalities who passed through there.

The rooms are Rococo style, some more sumptuous (such as the Official Hall) and others simpler (The rooms of the emperors Francisco Javier and Isabel). Of the most striking rooms of Schonbrunn we can highlight the Grand Gallery, the Circular Chinese Room, the Blue Chinese Room (where Carlos I abdicated) and the Breakfast Room.

Schonbrunn Palace - Mariia Golovianko

Of course, the palace garden is as worth visiting as the building. The gazebo located on a hill offers beautiful views. Don't miss the museum of imperial carriages and the oldest zoo in the world (founded in 1752).

2. Hofburg Palace

It is the largest of the three imperial palaces in Vienna and the oldest. It was built in different stages, the 13th century being the moment when the works began (this area is known as "Swiss Wing").

Among the outstanding extensions we can indicate the one of 1847, when Francisco José I demolished the walls to reform the city. At present you can see 18 buildings between gardens, squares and courtyards.

Hofburg Palace - canadastock

It is the official residence of the Austrian president, but in history it housed many prominent characters, among them Tsar Alexander I and Adolf Hitler.

The Sisi Museum is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places in the whole. It is made up of six rooms where the story of Isabel de Baviera is told, from her youth in Germany to her murder in Geneva. An interesting fact: the Empress did not like this palace, but for things of destiny she is still present in it.

Imperial Apartments, Hofburg Palace - Jorge Láscar / Flickr.com

The Imperial Apartments are also worth visiting: These are 19 rooms that housed the monarchs and guests for 600 years. They are very well decorated and show the splendor of Austrian royalty (the Habsburgs). Another of the must-see places is the Silverware, with a collection of silver objects belonging to the monarchy.

«Opulence is a school of vanity and roughness.»

- Madame de Maintenon -

3. Belvedere Palace

It was built by orders of Prince Eugene of Savoy between 1714 and 1723 and It is formed by two buildings: high and low, as well as extensive gardens that separate them.

It is one of the most beautiful and refined complexes of Baroque architecture. It was more than important in the history of the country, there it regained independence by signing the State Treaty in 1955.

Belvedere Palace - Emi Cristea

The Alto Belvedere houses the main building, whose interior presents only the Marble Hall, the entrance hall and the chapel. In the rooms you can see collections of paintings from the Middle Ages.

The Lower Belvedere has a less striking facade and exposes a series of baroque works of art. Highlights include the Grotesque room, the Hall of Mirrors and the Marble Gallery. Next to it is the building used as a greenhouse.

If you have visited the other two palaces of Vienna, the Belvedere may disappoint you a bit. You can walk through the gardens and take pictures of the exterior of the buildings, without a doubt, the most beautiful of the whole.

Video: Vienna Schonbrunn Palace Evening: Palace Tour, Dinner and Concert (December 2019).