We discover the incredible landscapes of Suriname

There are still places in the world unchanged by the hand of man. These are corners of wild and untamed nature that seem to be the living stamp of paradise. One of these almost virgin jewels are the incredible landscapes of Suriname. Its climate, divided between the equatorial and the tropical, remains practically throughout the year. Hence, it has become one of the favorite destinations of tourists in recent years.

The exoticism of Surinam

Dream places, added to the interesting clash of cultures prevailing in the territory, make Suriname a treasure to discover. Let's explore it.

Secrets and curiosities

Surinan is a small coastal country located in South America. Its capital is Paramaribo and it is the only state in America in which Dutch is spoken. Cultures of all kinds cohabit here. Africans, Chinese, Brazilians and Arabs live in a place similar to Eden.

Since there is so much ethnic variety we find a considerable mix of religions. Among them, the most prominent are Hinduism, Islam, the Protestant and the Catholic religion.

Paramaribo - Matyas Rehak

As a curiosity, this country is one of the least visited on the planet. Despite this small and apparent inconvenience, the traveler who decides to put his feet on it will be delighted. And here you will find a wide variety of activities.

From enjoying its beautiful beaches to descending its rivers, in Suriname everything is possible. Moreover, it is very likely that we will be fascinated with its impressive jungle, as well as with its indigenous populations. In short, it is the ideal place for the adventurous tourist.

The tourist attractions of paradise

1. The Galibi Nature Reserve

This paradise is where the best beaches in the whole country are located. Here, on the banks of the Marowijne River, inhabits the Kalinya tribe. Its members are precisely those in charge of renting boats to visitors.

Galibi - Pieter Edelman / Flickr.com

These barges are the only way to reach the Galibi Turtle beach. Its name is due to the spawning of sea turtles. And this place is one of the few where they make their nests. These animals are in danger of extinction and, therefore, are protected. This is why visits are so controlled.

The beach sets up a fabulous picture. In the inner part there is a swampy area invaded by a jungle of spectacular vegetation. It has a striking fauna, as many flocks of migratory birds arrive there.

"There is a book always open for all eyes: nature."

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau -

2. Tonka Island, home of responsible tourism

Those who wish to find a place where tourism has not taken its toll have to know Tonka. It is an obligation for all nature-loving lovers to spend a season there. And in Tonka Island things work differently.

Suriname - RHG

Ecotourism has made its arrival in this small island. Enjoy a vacation on a paradise beach without clouding the environment that welcomes us is possible. The tribe of the Saramaka, or as they are referred to in all official documents since 2010, Saamaka, has been done with the control of visits in this region.

This population was badly considered during colonial times, since it was initially formed by escaped slaves. Hence, for centuries they received the name of Maroons. Today these free men make up one of the most interesting and curious cultural entities in Suriname.

3. Albina, beaches along the river

Albina is one of the most important cities in Suriname, since it is the capital of the Marowijne area. The homonymous river that crosses the entire city is understood as the border that separates this country from its neighbor, French Guiana.

Suriname - RHG

The banks of this aquifer channel are surrounded by lush jungle-like vegetation. This little has to envy the one that involves spaces as famous as the Amazon. Countless clans of monkeys inhabit the sandy terrain around the canal jumping from tree to tree.

The visitor little accustomed to this type of natural spectacles will be dumbfounded due to the reigning majesty. Solemnity inhabits every corner, and gives this place the essential and pure character. Albina has a quiet and virtually unchanged ecosystem for the harmful effects of the most dangerous inhabitant of all, man.

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