Don't forget to visit these places in Edinburgh

What comes to mind when you hear "Scotland"? Possibly plaid skirts, bagpipes and lots of beautiful cliffs. As Scotland also contains monuments of indescribable beauty, streets full of charm and places with a lot of history. A perfect representative of this is Edinburgh, a city that has captivated millions of photographers around the world.Surely you are wondering why. Well, we will tell you. Do not go!

Edinburgh, a very photogenic city

The love of photographers for this city is palpable as soon as you visit it, since its monuments together with its natural beauty creates indescribable places. We tell you where those places are.

1. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle - Samot

You may have heard about this castle, but have you stopped to observe the wonderful landscape that embraces it? Imposing towering over Princess Gardens and it is the beginning of a beautiful cliff that combines the gray of the rocks with the green of the grass that covers it.

Inside the castle you can enjoy other wonderslike the Canyon of the One in Point, the Chapel of Santa Margarita and the Honors of Scotland, among others. A delight for the eyes, wherever you look.

2. Calton Hill

Calton Hill - Songquan Deng

This is a hill that is practically in the center of the city. Obviously, you can imagine the stunning views you can get from there.At the top you can enjoy two icons of the city: the National Monument and one dedicated to Admiral Nelson.

The National Monument is known as the "shame of Edinburgh," as they tried to make a copy of the Parthenon in Athens, but it was never over. All a blunder. However, It is a place from which you will take spectacular photos.

3. Royal Mile

Royal Mile - JeniFoto

On this street is the St Giles Cathedral, the most important in Edinburgh. The Royal Mile occupies the space between the castle and the Scottish Parliament.

It is the main street of the old town, so the views of aged stone buildings are a pleasure to behold. Stopping to observe the Gothic cathedral enters its famous Chapel of the Thistle, it will create a beautiful unforgettable memory in your mind.

4. Holyrood Park

Who doesn't like to enjoy the good weather in a beautiful park on a festive afternoon? Well, this park is perfect for that. From it you can climb the Arthurs Seat volcano (Quiet, it is inactive) and visit the Abbey and the Palace of Holyrood.

5. Victoria Street

Victoria Street - Justin Black

This street will trick you from the first moment you see her. The diversity of colors on its facades and the hidden treasures in its second-hand stores and antiques will make you want to spend more time in it.

You will stay so much that you might get hungry. Do not worry, this street ends at Grassmarket, a square full of bars and restaurants Eager to give you what you are looking for with good service.

6. Cramond Island

Cramond Island - Crepesoles

This is one of the few places in the world that you can visit regardless of the weather, you will enjoy it in the same way. Fortifications for World War II were made on this island as underwater defense. When the tide is low, you can walk along them to the island and also if it rises, seeing them underwater is a must see.

Although be careful, because if you walk to the island and then the tide rises, you may not be able to return until the next day.

7. The National Gallery of Modern Art

National Gallery - Ulmus Media

This place is one of those that do not give importance, however we find it beautiful. The gallery itself It is a neoclassical building set in spectacular gardens. Gardens that claim to evoke the shape of clouds, waves and other geological formations. Have you ever seen something more beautiful?

«There are no foreign lands. Only the traveler is a foreigner. »

- Robert Louis Stevenson -

This is our proposal of what you have to visit in Edinburgh. But, as we said at the beginning, Scotland is a chest of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. You dare?