We propose 5 wonderful getaways in Galicia

If you like nature, history and weekend trips, the Galician lands are perfect for you. Wild coasts, estuaries, canyons, ancestral traditions, legends and much more are waiting for you. There are thousands of getaways in Galicia that you can enjoy, but we have chosen 5 to somewhat less touristy places than Santiago de Compostela or A Coruña

Unforgettable getaways in Galicia

If you have a weekend free, do not hesitate to travel to these lands. You will fall in love with them! Here there are plenty of attractions to enjoy unique days. It is difficult to choose only 5 getaways in Galicia, so these places that we are going to show you are only a snack of what you will find in this community.

1. Allariz and Augas Santas

Allariz - Brais Seara

We start in the province of Ourense. Allariz is one of the prettiest and best preserved old town in Galicia. In fact, it is since 1971 Historic-Artistic Ensemble. Among its streets we can see houses and buildings of typical architecture. You should not miss its Plaza Mayor, the medieval bridge or the Church of Santiago. In addition, here are several interesting museums, including the Toy and the Leather.

Only 6 kilometers from Allariz is a mysterious and interesting site, Santa Mariña de Augas Santas. The church has a curious legend that refers to the martyrdom of the saint. Nearby you can see baths and Celtic furnaces, an underground crypt belonging to a Templar church that was not finished building, altars, fountains and even remains of a Roman castro.

2. Ribadavia

Ribadavia - Ana Menendez

We continue in Ourense. Ribadavia is a beautiful cultural, historical and gastronomic destination related to the famous wine from Ribeiro and known for its beautiful natural landscapes. Ribadavia was the capital of the Kingdom of Galicia and had a time of great splendor. Cervantes said it was "The mother of wine in carat uploaded" in one of his novels, Mr. Stained Glass.

The city has a beautiful Jewish quarter in the historic center,One of the best preserved in the country. And here an inquisitorial process was carried out that led to the expulsion of the Jews in 1492. Discover the ruins of its old castle, the Plaza Mayor and its medieval houses. And if you want to relax, a few kilometers from the town are the Prexigueiro hot springs.

3. Pontedeume

Pontedeume - Jose Arcos Aguilar

We are now going to A Coruña, to the Rías Altas. You can spend a day, a weekend or a fortnight here and want to stay much more. Why Pontedeume is the perfect mix between sea, mountain and river,One of the best getaways in Galicia you can do.

Here there are a thousand places to see and explore, especially in the historic district. The streets with arcades that include shields and blazons on the facades are just a sample of its architecture. During your walk visit the Church of Santiago (next to the old wall), the Plaza de Abastos and the Torre de los Andrade. You will also see traditional streets with their shops of yesteryear.

But there is much more, from the fishing port to the promenade, the Covés river or the beach of A Magdalena. You should not overlook the Romanesque church of San Miguel de Breamo and Andrade Castle. If you stay longer, we recommend you go to Fragas Do Eume with its ruined monastery, its natural park and the three cloisters of Monfero.

4. Ferrol

Ferrol - benjasanz

This city of Coruña is interesting for many aspects, including its modernist architecture. The architect Rodolfo Ucha was responsible for designing many of Ferrol's most emblematic buildings, including the former headquarters of El Correo Gallego (Barrio de la Magdalena), the facade of the Jofre Theater and the Casino.

On your walk through Ferrol you can tour the Alameda, the oldest green area. And of course, you should not miss the port with its estuary, its shipyards and its military installations (including the Exponav Museum that houses an interesting collection on maritime history). On the outskirts you must discover the Fervenza do Belelle waterfall, really fairytale and one of the most beautiful in Spain.

«We must not stop exploring and the end of all our exploration will be to get to where we started and know the place for the first time.

-T. S. Eliot-

5. Save

Monte de Santa Tecla - LFRabanedo

Already in Pontevedra, this small coastal town on the banks of the Miño River deserves to be visited. A Guarda is protected by the mount of Santa Tecla. Here you can see a very well preserved old castro where the first settlers lived five thousand years ago. And from the top you can enjoy a privileged view of the coast towards the Atlantic Ocean.

In the village Do not forget to walk through its streets and enjoy its rich local products. And if you have time, you can go by ferry to the neighboring town of Caminha, in Portugal, the other riverbank.

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