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All lakes are beautiful, but the lakes of Italy have a special charm. Perhaps because of its surroundings, which transmits peace and relaxation, or because of the beautiful villages that surround them. In which we are going to visit both things abound. Walking along the slopes of Lago di Garda and visiting the most beautiful villages that surround it is an experience that you will love. We tell you what it is worth seeing next to this famous Italian lake. Are you coming?

The most beautiful villages in the Garda Lake

If you want you can also do a boat trip on the lake, although We advise you to travel by car to stop where you want and enjoy these beautiful villages to the fullest.

If you have the opportunity and time to do both, a boat route on Lago di Garda will also be a perfect adventure. Let's start with our route.

1. Sirmione

Sirmione- S-F

This is the most famous and also the most tourist of the villages surrounding the lake. A small town still walled with a medieval historical center that will make you believe that you are in another era. Its colorful buildings will also attract your attention.

Do not forget to walk through its beautiful harbor eating ice cream while enjoying incomparable views.

He looked away at the lake and stared at the silver water. The effect was hypnotic.

-Harlan Coben-

2. Torbole

Torbole - leoks

In the north of the lake we find this beautiful town, which despite not being the most tourist, they say it is the most beautiful. And is that this town seems taken from a story, with its colorful houses on the lake and a mountainous mantle of back stage, where when the sun goes down creates a show that is priceless.

If you are an adventurer, climb one of the mountains to have a spectacular view, or enjoy a very good one from the viewpoint that is halfway up the mountain that goes to Nago.

3. Limone Sul Garda

Limone Sul Garda - leoks

If when you think of Italy, the image of a typical town of old houses with beautiful balconies full of flowers, here you will find just what your mind sees. In addition, the background mountains adorn the landscape even more.

And for more enjoyment, in this town, as the name implies, they are specialists in elaborating Limoncello, a sweet and very tasty lemon liqueur that Italians take very cold after eating to facilitate digestion. If you take a bottle you can have it in the freezer for months without fear of it being altered.

4. Lazise, ​​Bardolino and Peschiera

Lazise - Lukasz Szwaj

These are the largest villages on the shores of Lago di Garda and, therefore, those who have more life, especially at night.

Each one has its peculiar charm: Peschiera has something in the air that cannot be defined with words. You will have to find out! Bardolino has a unique wine in the area, so good that there is even a museum dedicated to him. Lazise has a weekly market that is set in the street where you will find fresh produce from the area, as well as selling handicrafts. If you go with children there are amusement or water parks around it.

5. Malcesine

Malcesine - xbrchx

It has a large influx of ferries that pass through the area. It has nothing special to see or visit but it has a special charm. A charm that makes just walking through its cobbled streets to reach its castle and admire the views that surround it is a delight for the soul.

6. Punta San Vigilio

Punta San Vigilio - gorillaimages

This is not a town but a viewpoint With a small restaurant that is always crowded. The viewpoint is spectacular because it is a platform on the water in which there are some hammocks to enjoy the views. You can also do it from the restaurant while you take a spritz, the typical Italian drink par excellence.

This has been the route that we propose to you in the area of ​​Lago di Garda, a natural enclave that is worth visiting. Or rather, that you have to visit once in a lifetime. Have you already written it down?

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