This is the weather in Munich, get ready for your adventure

Munich is the third largest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg. It is located in the southern part of the country, near the Alps. Its fusion of tradition and modernity are a reason for your visit, however, its climate is changing. Because, We are going to tell you how the weather is in Munich, so you can better organize your trip.

Meet the changing climate of Munich

Munich is characterized by a continental climate strongly influenced by its proximity to the Alps. Its temperatures are very changing between night and day throughout the year. Its summers are mild, with an average temperature of 24ºC. Its winters, on the other hand, are cold: January is the coldest month, with a temperature of -2.2ºC.

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Further, being a city near the Alps, it increases the possibility of rainfall, especially storms, which appear violently and unexpectedly. However, in winter it does not usually rain, but it does snow. Finally, there may be both cold and warm winds coming from the mountain that can change temperatures sharply.

The Munich weather station to station

1. Munich in spring

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Spring It is one of the most recommended stations to visit the city, in part for its spring festivities and traditional Easter celebrations. During these dates it is when there are more tourists, who visit Munich in search of Easter eggs, chocolate rabbits and spring fairs.

Although the beginning of spring may be surrounded by snow, the weather is improving from April until reaching an average of 15ºC in May and June. However, sudden changes in temperature, rain and hail are frequent.

If you decide to visit the city on these dates, you have to hurry up. Thus, We recommend you take advantage of the offers before temperatures rise, both for booking hotel and for means of transport.

2. Munich in summer

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During the summer temperatures in Munich are usually mild, with an average of 24ºC, except in August, which can reach 30ºC. However, it is the period where there is more rainfall, with a total of 12 days of rain every month.

Summer is high season to travel, so prices in this period will be the highest. If you want to avoid it, we recommend you book your trip even more in advance to find the most reasonable prices.The highlights of the summer in Munich are the colorful festivals and the possibility of enjoying nature.

3. Munich in autumn

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From the fall there is a sharp change in the weather in Munich. There is a great decline in temperatures in the city, between 10ºC and -1ºC. However, it is one of the best moments to travel, since the landscape is dyed with beautiful colors.

Also, contrary to what we might think, autumn is one of the less rainy seasons. Even so, the weather is still unpredictable. The days are getting shorter and shorter and the snow is making its way as November arrives.

Despite the temperatures, it is an ideal time to visit Munich. With the end of summer vacations, prices drop except at the end of September. The reason is that the Oktoberfest in Munich is celebrated for two weeks, a festival that brings together the best beer and German food.

4. Munich in winter

Marienplatz at Christmas - Jaromir Chalabala

Winters in Munich are very cold and arrive accompanied by snow. The average temperature is -2.2ºC and it can snow for days or even weeks.

Although it may seem like one of the worst dates to go to Munich, it doesn't matter. If you are daring, you will not regret traveling during this time, since you have many possible options. You can enjoy a day of skiing, a walk in the city or the Christmas markets.

In addition, hotels and restaurants are usually set with Christmas themes during the month of December. Prices may be higher during November and December for Christmas, but descend from January.

"Can not remember the days, the moments are remembered."

-Cesare Pavese-

This is the weather in Munich, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Our advice is not to be influenced by the weather and be encouraged to enjoy all the options that each station offers you. Munich is a city with a lot of life throughout the year. It does not matter getting lost in its streets if the day is rainy, sunny or the ground is covered with snow. After all, it's about living new experiences, isn't it?

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