Enjoy Christmas in the Czech Republic

One of the most special times of the year in the Czech Republic is the Christmas period. The light, the markets, the carols and the festive atmosphere in general, are fantastic. The taste for the Czech tradition is seen in every corner of their cities. It is time for concerts in churches, squares or palaces, of tranquility and taste for the familiar. Because,We invite you to know Christmas in the Czech Republic.

Christmas in the Czech Republic: lto Christmas Eve

Let's discover what it is like to spend Christmas in the Czech Republic. This is a country of traditions that dresses in these beautiful dates.

Old Town Square, Prague - Kajano

In this Central European country, in addition to purely religious celebrations, there are several customs and superstitions that are linked to the charm of this night. For example, It is tradition to place a scale just under the plate on the Christmas table. It serves to attract happiness and money in the next year.

Another legend says that if an apple is split into two equal parts and the heart forms a star, happiness and health will fill the coming year.There is also a superstition that speaks of chewing four nuts in good state.

This time of year, throughout the center of the old continent, usually develops with cold and snow. The Czech Republic is no exception. The days are much shorter and make the home a perfect place to enjoy.

Typical dishes

Vanocka - Jaromir Klein

As in the rest of the west, they are symbolic parties. In homes they usually make traditional Czech sweets. This is the case of cakes called "cukroví", which are varied, and usually abound in shapes, colors and flavors.

The typical dish at dinner on December 24 is the breaded carp. The fish is accompanied with potato salad and various ingredients, depending on the region and family customs that are had. The fish soup, the punch, the Christmas Eve sweet bread, stuffed with almonds, raisins and sugary fruit, as well as the cakes are also protagonists.

On December 24, the whole family usually meets at the table nearby. Once dinner is over, everyone goes to the tree for the gifts. In addition, they leave the table at the same time. Then, he goes to Mass of the Rooster.

We did not want to forget an important part of the Czech Christmas menu. It is essential the typical sponge cake called "Vánocka". It is made with a special dough and intertwined with raisins and almonds.

The tradition of St. Nicholas

Prague - Balate Dorin

First, St. Nicholas appears dressed as a bishop and asks the children if they behaved well, asking them to tell him a poem or sing a song. The devil is the one who tries to scare them and the angel plays his good role.

Finally, St. Nicholas gives the boys who promise they will be good a gift, which can be a polvorón or candied fruit. In the event that children have not behaved, they may receive a piece of coal or a potato.

If San Nicolás does not appear that year, the boy does not remain without receiving anything. But at night, at least, you will receive a chocolate bar. By the way, it is celebrated on December 5.

New Year's Eve in the Czech Republic

Prague - Kajano

Once Christmas has passed, the end of the year and the expected New Year's Eve party arrive. This bustling midnight celebration is the main protagonist and people like to go outside, where multitude of fireworks light up the Czech sky. New Year's Eve is celebrated by many restaurants and taverns, as well as music clubs or concert halls.

New Year

Prague - Balate Dorin

The saying "new year, new life" is usually followed on the first day of the year. This makes you have to forget everything bad that happened in the year ended. This day, what is usually eaten are lentils or soup with cereals. The custom is that this soup brings riches to the one who eats it. What is not taken is chicken or chicken, because superstition says that luck is flying.

"I wish we could put the Christmas spirit in jugs and open a jug every month of the year."

-Harlan Miller-

Now, you know how Christmas is celebrated in the Czech Republic. In essence, there are not so many differences, but it is true that Superstition and old traditions make spending the holidays in this country something new and exciting.

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