What to do in San Sebastián with rain?

San Sebastián is one of the Spanish cities where it rains the most every year. Obviously, on a visit, there are many possibilities for us to get wet. If you are there and think that you cannot do anything with water, you are wrong. We will show you that visiting San Sebastián with rain also has its charm and many things can be done

Enjoy San Sebastian with rain

San Telmo Museum - Javi Guerra Hernando / commons.wikimedia.org

Does the weather not go for a walk? It doesn't matter, a day in San Sebastián with rain can be used in many ways. For example, You can go to museums, the San Telmo or the Science Museum are two good options.

As well You can take advantage to enjoy tourist transport. The Donostia-San Sebastián City Tour runs through the main areas of the city, and you won't get wet.

Y, If you travel with children, visiting the Aquarium will be the most fun and interesting. It is located in a building of the early twentieth century on the pier of San Sebastian. One of its attractions is the 360º tunnel, where you can see animals of more than 200 species.

We encourage you to investigate a little before leaving the hotel. It is a beautiful city full of incentives and wonders. Therefore, a good idea is to acquire some of the cultural magazines or agendas with plans in the city, which can also be consulted online.

Rainy days in a quiet plan

La Concha Beach - Javier R. Linera / Flickr.com

This kind of day is a good time to have a good delicious snack.. And this is a city where, especially in the old part, there are lovely places.

The same could be said with concert halls or pubs where you can have a drink and have a good time. Saint Sebastian is a city with a great musical circuit quality.

We can attend exhibitions, where Donostia Kultura's agenda is a magnificent option If we want to find some kind of exhibition that suits our tastes or generates some curiosity. A good place is the Kubo room of the Kursaal, where architecture is part of the charm.

We are facing a city that was the European Capital of Culture. That is, there are many entertaining sites to visit, in the case of the spectacular International Center for Contemporary Culture-Tabakalera.

What if we enjoyed a walk one day in San Sebastian with rain?

We do not have to lock ourselves in a place to protect ourselves. Although we can get some more wet, if we put will, we can make a sad rainy day an experience not to forget in beautiful Donostia. We go with other ways to enjoy San Sebastián with rain.

Cultural walk

San Sebastian - FRANCIS RAHER / Flickr.com

There are free tours like in so many European cities, a good way to get to know the city. Usually, the guides know how to place themselves in the streets with less wind, or where one can take refuge while they explain interesting things and that we did not know about the city, both its history, and other curiosities. An option that is worth contemplating in good weather, but also when it is absent.

Take pictures

Such a beautiful city is an incomparable frame to take pictures. The goals are all you can imagine. From light to clouds, through wet buildings, the sea or any traditional scene.

Our talent for photography has a good area. We can approach the Paseo Nuevo, the Port of the City or the breakwater of the Kursaal. We are facing a city of postcard, and if we put illusion and an umbrella, nothing will be put forward.

«Rain is grace, rain is the sky that descends to earth, without rain, there would be no life.»

-John Updicke-

The beach

Shell Beach - Iakov Filimonov

It seems a lie that the beach can be recommended on a rainy day, but it is one of the options that has more appeal, and is not crazy. In San Sebastian, during rainy days, the coast is a beautiful area for walking.

The place empties and acquires a tone of tranquility and melancholy, because many usually stay at home or make plans under cover. In case the rain is not very strong, and you are not afraid of getting wet, the experience of taking a walk along the Paseo de la Concha, Paseo Nuevo or the beach itself, you will surely not forget it.

After all these ideas, surely you have already passed the anger or doubts if you can take advantage of your stay in the city to know something about San Sebastián. As you can see, it can be thoroughly known, although you may have to get something wet, but you have already realized that it is a city that gives a lot.