5 beautiful villages near Sanabria Lake

Near the lake of Sanabria there is a rosary of villages that deserve a visit. Small towns full of charm, which show a unique traditional architecture or that are a perfect starting point to visit one of the most beautiful natural areas of the Iberian Peninsula. Also, of course, they are ideal for lodging.

Sanabria Lake

Sanabria Lake - Segundo Sánchez / Flickr.com

Located in the province of Zamora and a thousand meters above sea level, Sanabria Lake is the largest lake of glacial origin in Spain and one of the largest in Europe.

The lake gives a name to a fabulous natural parkIt is surrounded by forests and has beaches equipped for swimming. Around it there are campsites to stay, but if you are looking for something more comfortable, the villages that are there near the lake of Sanabria they are perfect.

"If you don't climb the mountain, you can never enjoy the scenery."

-Pablo Neruda-

What villages near Lake Sanabria visit?

Any of these villages near Lake Sanabria are ideal to enjoy a rural weekend or a most relaxing getaway. In them you can enjoy corners full of charm, beautiful surroundings and, of course, delicious cuisine.

1. Puebla de Sanabria

Puebla de Sanabria - ANSELM PALLÀS / Flickr.com

It is a beautiful town that includes four locations: Ungilde, Robledo, Castellanos and Puebla. The town center is located in the middle of an incredible natural site, complement for the beauty that you will find as soon as you step on this town, declared a Historic-Artistic Site.

The heritage of Puebla de Sanabria is really extensive and worth a visit without looking at the clock. Highlights the castle of the Counts of Benavente, a fortress of the fifteenth century located at the top of a promontory.

We must also see the church of Santa María del Azogue, built in the 12th century in Romanesque style; the town hall, on one side of its Plaza Mayor; and the fort of San Carlos, located outside the walls.

2. Galende

Galende - Porlapaz / commons.wikimedia.org

It is only 24 kilometers from the limit with Portugal. The Tera river crosses the town and creates a beautiful riverside landscape.

The town is divided into three neighborhoods. On the one hand, there is the Barrio Bajo, on the banks of the river and next to the old mill dam. The second neighborhood is Meillugar, where we find the main building of the town, the church. And the third neighborhood is that of Cima, which is next to the road and is where you can find accommodation, restaurants and bars.

3. Ribadelago

Ribadelago Nuevo- M.Peinado / Flickr.com

In sanabrés it is called Riballagu and also belongs to the municipality of Galende. And it is worth naming it for several reasons. In the first place, because part of the legends that surround the lake are related to it. Second, because It was one of the sites that inspired Miguel de Unamuno to writeSaint Manuel Well, martyr.

The third reason is a terrible tragedy. It happened on January 9, 1959. A break in the Vega de Tera dam caused a flood that swept the town and took the lives of 144 people. The town was rebuilt, but not in its original location.

4. Trefacio

Trefacio - Maximum Crowd / commons.wikimedia.org

Another of the villages near the lake of Sanabria. It has a great ethnographic heritage, highlighting the popular festival of the Talanqueiras, every December 25.

The most important building in Trefacio is the parish church of San Mamé, in the Town Hall square, with a facade and a unique cover, as well as a bell tower. Another prominent site is the old house of the priest, a place that was used for the passage of pilgrims.

5. San Martín de Castañeda

San Martín de Castañeda - M.Peinado / Flickr.com

It belongs to the municipality of Galenda and in it the monks of the Cister decided to build a monastery in the sixteenth century. Some parts of it are still preserved and today houses a nature interpretation center of the Sanabria Lake Natural Park.

This religious construction was one of the largest in the province of Zamora until the 19th century. and of the most outstanding monasteries of the Kingdom of León. Another prominent place is the church of San Martín de Tours, the patron of the town, with its frieze at the door, its Renaissance altarpiece and a gold stalls.

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