Guide to organize a trip to the North Pole

The North Pole is a destination that few dare to visit due to its extreme conditions. However, those who venture end up enjoying a unique experience. If you are one of those who do not rule out visiting it one day, then we tell you everything you have to take into account when organizing a trip to North Pole.

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There are different ways to travel to the North Pole. One of them is taking a plane from Norway or renting a flight from Canada. Logically, the first option is cheaper, although the price is still quite high, since it is around ten thousand euros. Those who just have to fly over the North Pole, without stopping there, can also opt for one of the planes that are chartered from Berlin.

Whether you choose the plane that leaves from Norway or Canada, The first destination is Barneo, a station in an ice cap that is 97 km from the North Pole. There you can perform various activities such as skiing, as well as find both accommodation and dining areas. Once the batteries are recharged, there is a helicopter that takes between twenty and forty minutes to reach the North Pole.

Another way to reach our destination is to travel by sea, which implies taking an icebreaker ship in Finland or Russia that has all the possible comforts. Can also be done overland from Russia or Canada. The latter requires a guide and involves skiing, dragging a sled called "pulka" or camping on the ice.

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The temperatures at the North Pole are very extreme. In fact, the highest recorded to date has been 5 ° C. And in winter the average temperature is -34 ºC, while in summer it becomes somewhat more bearable, with values ​​around the freezing point. That is, at 0 ° C. Therefore, the best months to travel to the North Pole are June, July and August.

«If you think adventure is dangerous, try the routine. It is mortal."

-Paulo Coelho-

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As we have just seen, the temperatures at the North Pole are cold enough to harm the health of visitors if they are not well prepared. Thus, it is necessary to wear warm clothes, such as the one made for skiing, since its fabric resists both wind and water. Nor should glasses be forgotten to protect the eyes from the air and the sun.

The key is to dress with several layers. The first must be thermal or synthetic garments that are tight. Cotton is not advised to absorb moisture. Meanwhile, the second layer can be normal clothes; and the third, waterproof clothing, such as down jackets. When talking about extreme cold, better provide a fourth. That is, instead of choosing between a fleece or a wool sweater, you would have to opt for both.

Regarding the head and limbs, It is advisable to wear gloves, and on these, some special snow mittens; various hats and earmuffs; a panties or something to cover the neck and upper face; thermal and wool socks; as well as footwear of a couple of larger numbers and that are suitable for walking in the snow. Hence the sole has to be rather high.

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Once we know how to get there and at what time to travel to the North Pole, as well as what you have to take with us, you just have to enjoy the wonderful and unique experience offered by the destination at hand. To get started, Its white landscapes and fauna (polar bears, seals, walruses, sea lions and birds) are some of its great attractions.

The North Pole also offers the possibility of performing various activitieslike riding a snowmobile, visiting glacial caves, driving dog sleds, or practicing a trekking impossible to repeat in another place in the world, advancing with skis and with food and supplies on sleds. It is advisable to do them all to taste every moment of the expedition and feel like one of the pioneers who stepped on the North Pole. 

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