5 fantastic things to do near London's Big Ben

Today we move to one of the great icons of London next to the Tower Bridge or St. Paul's Cathedral, among others. Specific, We show you the best activities you can do near Big Ben, the famous clock. Looking forward to approaching this popular site? Pay attention to our plan proposals! But beforeā€¦

How do you get to Big ben

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Big Ben is obviously located in the city center. So, Access is very easy thanks to public transport in London. The first way to get there is through a city tour or through an organized trip, since Big Ben is one of the mandatory stopping places.

But if you have decided to know London for yourself, the easiest option is to do it through the subway. Just take the District or Circle lines and get off at St Jame's Park; or the Jubilee, District and Circle lines and get off at Westminster.

You also have the bus option, and you can do it with the following lines: 3, 8, 11, 12, 16, 24, 38 or 52, among many others. The stop is Parliament Square.

The best things to do near the Big ben

Now that you know how to get there, We are going to tell you the best things you can do from the clock tower in London:

1. Visit Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey - photo.eccles

It is located just past the Parliament Square, a few meters walk. It is a gothic church the size of a cathedral with years of history behind it. For this reason, it is the most popular temple in the city.

And it has been the traditional place of coronations and burials of monarchs. And next to them, graves of other royals, aristocrats and illustrious personalities such as Newton, Dickens or Darwin.

It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987. Although the price of admission to Westminster Abbey is high,worth visiting.

2. Cross the Westminster Bridge to the London Eye

London Eye - Zoltan Gabor

Big Ben is at the foot of the Westminster Bridge, one of the most elegant in the city. In fact, from the side of Big Ben you can see the London Eye. It is the preferred tourist attraction par excellence, because thanks to it travelers can get to know London from the heights.

The London Eye is a ferris wheel 135 meters high and until 2006 it was the tallest in the world. Despite its price, many tourists climb aboard to see the city and take fabulous photographs of London.

3. Know inside the Houses of Parliament

Palace of Westminster - aslysun

Although this is the most popular name, it is actually called the Palace of Westminster. It houses the two chambers in charge of the UK government: the House of Lords and the House of Commons. It is also a World Heritage Site, since 1987.

It is attached to Big Ben, on the bank of the River Thames. Until the 16th century it was the place of residence of royalty. In 1834, the palace suffered a fire that destroyed part of this wonderful Gothic building. But later it was restored.

4. A walk through the wonderful St James's Park

St. James's Park - Richard Barnes

Next to Hyde Park and Green Park, it is one of the main "lungs" of London. It is located near Big Ben, about ten minutes walking. It is the oldest royal park of all that was in the city. Next to it is Buckingham Palace, residence of the royal family.

The park has a small lake with two islands. The lake can be crossed by a bridge that offers a wonderful view of the palace surrounded by trees. And also a view of the London Foreign Ministry.

5. Approach to Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square - andersphoto

To conclude our walk near Big Ben, we suggest you approach Trafalgar Square. You will arrive in 13-15 minutes and the road is practically straight, so it has no loss.

Its name is due to the tribute of the victory of the British in the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. In the center of the square stands a column in honor of Nelson, the British admiral. It measures 46 meters high and at its base there are sculptures of lions.

But the most interesting is the National Gallery, which is located in this same square. It is the main art museum in London. It has more than 2300 paintings, mainly European, between the thirteenth and twentieth centuries.

«When you are tired of London, you are tired of life; in London there is everything that life can offer. »

-Samuel Johnson-

These are the proposals if your hotel is near Big Ben or you want to organize a visit that has it as a starting point. But nevertheless, There is one thing we have not told you. Big Ben is not the real name of the London clock tower! This name refers to the great bell inside, the real one is Elisabeth tower, in honor of the queen. Surprising, right?


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