The best places to see in Villajoyosa

On the Costa Blanca there are not only Benidorm and Alicante. There are also other very attractive sites, and without so much crowding, where there is more than beach, sea and beach kiosks. One of those surprising places on the Alicante coast is Villajoyosa Do you think if we go around there?

Villajoyosa, in the shadow of Benidorm

Beach - Diego Delso /

Villajoyosa is one of those towns that, throughout history, saw that a village of his, like Benidorm, became larger than the city itself. With his enormous growth, he started to count on his town hall and separated. But, Despite being in the shadow of Benidorm, Villajoyosa did not go into decline.

To get there, if you opt for the car, you have to take the AP-7 or the N-332 from Alicante. In case we do not have a car, it is possible to rent one. By public transport, it is best to take the tram from Alicante, since the line that goes to Benidorm stops at Villajoyosa.

What can we see in Villajoyosa?

Hanging houses - Diego Delso /

The train leaves us next to the old case. The first stop is the symbol of the city, the famous polychrome hanging houses. As in many fishing villages, they used to have the habit of painting houses in bright colors. Thus, when the fishermen returned from fishing and arrived at the port, they could find their house.

If instead of crossing the bridge you go down to the river, it is possible to see a charming landscape. And is that, what was once the riverbed has become a beautiful park.On the other side you can see some remains of what in the past was the former defensive fortress of the city.

Pretty close we have the church-fortress of the Assumption. And between the streets of the old town you can see some pieces of what was once the wall. This defense system against pirate attacks has been preserved in one of the coastal watchtowers and the garden.

The festival of Moors and Christians

Moors and Christians - Archangel12 /

A good date to visit Villajoyosa are the Moors and Christians. In them you can not only enjoy colorful and noisy parades, it also represents a naval combat with landing on the beach. It is done to commemorate the attack produced by the Berber pirates in 1538.

The party was declared of International Tourist Interest in 2003 and It is celebrated at the end of July. A party that is already over 250 years old and worth seeing.

The Gastronomic Village

Promenade - Edicions La Veu del País Valencià /

Another important tourist attraction of the city is the Gastronomic Village. Throughout the year, the city council, in collaboration with restaurants, hotels and shops, performs it on a certain theme:

  • March: Mostra de Cuina Marinera
  • June: La Pebrereta
  • August: The Xocolatíssima
  • October: The Setmana de l'arrós

Other events also take place, such as the Mediterranean Wine Festival, or European breakfasts the first Sunday of the month. All this is done so that its people, and especially the tourist, can enjoy the gastronomy of this Alicante area.

Valor Chocolate Museum

In this town was born one of the leading brands of chocolate and nougat in Spain. In addition to this brand, Carremi and Clavileño chocolates have their headquarters and factories here. If Valor stands out, it is for having its Chocolate Museum open to the public for free.

«The divine drink, which increases endurance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink allows man to walk for a whole day without eating. »

-Hernan Cortes-

Other data of interest

Polychrome houses - Enrique Domingo /

In case you are looking for accommodation, In the high season it is advisable to book well in advance. It is the best way to secure vacations, since Villajoyosa is an increasingly popular tourist town.

If you are looking for places to eat, Villajoyosa has many areas on the beach, but also quieter ones near the train station. Many bars stand out where they offer good homemade food at a very affordable price. If you are looking for more variety, the great Finestrat shopping center is on the road that goes to Benidorm.

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