Caldes de Montbui, the best places to visit

We visit Caldes de Montbui, a town about 35 kilometers north of Barcelona. The town is in the Vallés Oriental region and stands out for the hot waters that leave the interior of the earth. We travel to one of the hottest sources on the European continent!

Caldes de Montbui and hot springs

Roman Baths - A.S. Flor

Caldes's name is related to his great treasure, that water with medicinal properties that sprouts from the earth at an elevated temperature.

A treasure that the Romans could not miss, so they built a spa here which has reached our days and which are the best preserved Roman baths in the peninsula. Of them already spoke Pliny the Elder or Virgil.

Centuries later, already in the nineteenth century, it would be again the hot springs that led to economic takeoff of the city, which became a health destination for the Catalan bourgeoisie.

"The desire to heal has always been half the health."


Things to do in Caldes de Montbui

We begin without further delay to tour Caldes de Montbui. This town stands out for its natural beauty, but also for its historical heritage.

Your old town

Lion Fountain - Alberto Zamorano

Entering its streets means we can see a good number of traces of the past.We can highlight the source of the Lion. This is a thermal spring with water at 74ºC dating from 1581. The source we can observe today is 1927.

The center, for many years, was the heart of the life of the village. Its waters were widely used, in the case of the Portalera laundry, which is cleaned every day. We can also see another laundry, the Canaleta, built in 1929. This was restored in 2005. In fact, this area has been declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest.

You can also see its necropolis of the 8th century A.D.., discovered in the area of ​​the Red Tower, a watchtower that offers great views over the Montseny and San Lorenzo.

The wall

Wall - Jordiferrer /

The first documents speak of her in 1102, although it had a reform in the fourteenth century. Currently, you can see 9 meters from the wall. Portals may also be observed, including a defense tower that was used in the 19th century as a prison, which is why it is called the Jail Tower.

We must also highlight the Riera de Caldes, there you can see the Romanesque bridge, which formed the wall of the road network of the town itself and that linked Caldes de Montbui with Sentmenat and Egara (the current Terrassa). It has two semicircular arches with different width, the largest is responsible for saving the passage of water.


Church of Santa María - Alberto Zamorano

The main temple of the population is the church of Santa María. It began to be built in the 16th century, but it was not finished until 1714, although since 1622 it has been open to the public. It is characterized by having a Byzantine Romanesque style and a central nave with twelve lateral chapels.

We also found A masterpiece of Catalan Baroque, the Hermitage of the Remedy, from the 16th century. Inside it was only an oratory where the image of the Virgen del Remedio is kept.

Other places of interest

Thermal source - A.S.Floro

We can highlight the building responsible for hosting the Thermalia Museum. A construction that has been standing for centuries and that was until the 70s of the 20th century the Santa Susana Hospital.

This building stood out for having free bathrooms for the poorest people, as well as medicinal services. Now it is a museum after being rehabilitated. It is dedicated to the thermal water culture. But it also hosts an exhibition of works by Manolo Hugué and his friend Pablo Picasso.

In case we want to know the area around the city, you can visit San Sebastián de Montmajor, a small population that is surrounded by mountains. You cannot miss the visit to its 11th-century Romanesque church. Inside there are fresco paintings by Antoni Vila Arrufat that were made between 1945 and 1950.

As you can see, Caldes de Montbui offers many attractions to visit, so you know, if you are in the area, it is an essential getaway to a town with a lot of history.

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