Wonderful promenades in Spain

Spain is a country with thousands of kilometers of coastline. The Spanish coast is full of beautiful landscapes, incredible beaches and promenades To enjoy at any time. We are going to talk about these, about walks that stand out for their location, structure and landscape. Ready to meet them? So let's go!

1. Cádiz, one of the boardwalks with more charm

Cádiz - Vlada Photo / Flickr.com

They call it 'the silver cup' because of the beautiful color of its waters, which surrounds three quarters of its territory creating a silver 'dress'. The oldest city in Europe has one of the longest promenades in the country and from which you can see one of the most beautiful sunrises you can imagine.

Walking by him you will see two of its castles, which have an incredible history. One of them, that of Santa Catalina, was used as a prison. In addition, very close to the promenade, just across the street, you will find the old town, a delight for the eyes.

2. Fuengirola

Fuengirola - Jill Mitchell / Flickr.com

This town in the province of Malaga has been the focus of Spanish and European tourism for years. Its promenade has more than seven kilometers. In it you can see a castle of Arab origin or a modern bridge that crosses the river of the town. You can also throw yourself in zip line or simply enjoy your family atmosphere.

3. Alicante

Alicante - Jose Luis RDS / Flickr.com

It is one of the most beautiful promenades. It has half a kilometer of extension and It is lined by a row of palm trees that give it a wonderful touch.

Its colored tile on the floor gives it an original and fun touch that will make your walk even more enjoyable. In addition, thanks to its tourist attraction it is an area that is always lively, regardless of the time of year you go. Do you dare to travel it?

4. Barcelona

Barcelona - Fèlix González / Flickr.com

A few ago years Barcelona renewed its walk and today millions of people visit it every year. It is five kilometers long and passes through the port, on the beach and even through the huge Maremagnum shopping center.

It is perfect for walking, for cycling or, simply, to sit on a bench and enjoy the variety of the melting pot that frequents it. With this and everything that this tour offers, an afternoon of fun is guaranteed.

5. Paseo de la Concha, San Sebastián

Shell Walk - Iakov Filimonov

Bordering the bay of La Concha, this walk exudes beauty and elegance of other times, thanks to its unique street lamps and its railing. But there is more, much more. On the one hand, fabulous views towards the sea. On the other, buildings such as Hotel Londres, Miramar Palace or La Perla facilities.

You won't get tired of walking through it and, if you wait at sunset, the image will be unforgettable. Of course, you can also go down to the beach if the weather is good.

6. Paseo del Muro, Gijón

San Lorenzo Beach - Hector Ruiz Villar

Another one of those promenades full of charm. A walk that for almost two kilometers accompanies the route of the beach of San Lorenzo. Unmistakable by its stairs, perfectly numbered, and the church of San Pedro in the background. A delight to walk through it, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in Gijón.

7. A Coruña

A Coruña - Jose Luis Cernadas Iglesias / Flickr.com

This 13.5 km promenade is one of the most beautiful not only in Spain, but in Europe. So many kilometers go a long way, and its landscapes as well as its attractions are many and varied. Among them we can highlight the menhirs of La Paz and the Tower of Hercules, with the well-known Rosa de los Vientos. An unforgettable ride.

"I need the sea because it teaches me / I don't know if I learn music or conscience / I don't know if it's a wave alone or being deep / or just a hoarse voice or dazzling / fancy of fish and ships."

-Pablo Neruda-

8. Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise - Markus J Schoch / Flickr.com

This, one of the best promenades in Spain, is located in Lanzarote. For years it was under construction, even its inhabitants came to believe that these would never end. But the wait was worth it, because the result of this walk has made it position itself as one of the most beautiful in the country.

Cover photo: David Álvarez López / Flickr.com

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