How to meet Rubens traveling in Antwerp

Peter Paul Rubens, the quintessential artist of Baroque art, produced a large number of works of art. Ennobled by various members of the performance as Felipe IV of Spain and Carlos I of England, today we can contemplate his art in different countries and in different places, but especially in Antwerp.

How to meet Rubens traveling in Antwerp

If you are a lover of the works of this amazing artist, you can travel knowing his work. We invite you to know more about his creations and how to discover them while traveling the world.

Peter Paul Rubens

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Peter Paul Rubens was one of the most successful baroque artists. Excellent painter of the Flemish school, he has a unique style, full of color, dynamism and sensuality. Great works and trends were his influences, such as Ancient Greece and Rome and Leonardo da Vinci.

This great artist was born in Germany, although he lived practically all his life in Antwerp. Therefore, this city pays tribute to every corner of its beautiful streets and squares. Rubens traveled through various places leaving his works, which today are collected in incredible European monuments and museums.

His pictorial art stands out for its wide variety of subjects. Rubens is known for his religious themesHowever, he also treated history, classical mythology, dance scenes, landscapes and portraits. Currently, around 1500 of his paintings are preserved.

The footprints of Rubens in Antwerp

Lamentation - Renata Sedmakova /

The best way to meet Rubens is to travel to Antwerp. It is true that It was not his hometown, but he lived there since he was 12 years old. This causes the light that illuminates the city to keep in mind the spirit of this great artist. From the first moment we put our feet in it we can contemplate its footprints.

Rubens being one of his favorite children, Antwerp becomes a huge live museum about its figure where we can discover all its facets.

Rubens, besides being an expert in the Baroque, was a revolutionary in the art world. Illustrator, writer, painter, reader, teacher, art collector ... More than 50 of his works are in various places in this Belgian city.

Rubens statue

Rubens statue - Natalia Paklina

This monument to Rubens stands in the heart of Antwerp. It is located in Groenplaats Square, One of the favorite places of the inhabitants and tourists to spend time. In fact, it is the most lively square in the city, full of cafes from whose terraces you can enjoy this beautiful place.

The solid bronze statue honors Rubens for being one of its most admired and beloved inhabitants. In this way, citizens do not forget him and tourists can meet him. It is one of the most appreciated monuments of the city, despite its simplicity and being next to the Nuestra Señora cathedral.

"I'm just a simple man standing alone with his old brushes, asking God for an inspiration."

-Peter Paul Rubens-

Artist's House Museum

Rubens House Museum - KotomiCreations /

The Rubens House Museum is one of the main attractions for art lovers. It is the best way to meet him and learn about his work, in short, to feel closer to this great genius. The House Museum is located at number 9 of the Wapper square, right in the center of Antwerp.

Here we can observe various works, not only pictorial, but also incredible columns, sculptures, gardens and decoration. In addition to seeing the house and the workshop where he worked, it is possible to contemplate his art collections: jewelry, crystals, vases, coins, etc. In this way it is possible to know in depth the life of this great artist.

The works of Rubens

Descent from the Cross - rchappo2002 /

Without a doubt, the most important works of Rubens are in the cathedral of Our Lady: the triptychsThe elevation of the cross and theDescent from the Cross and the incredibleThe Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Lto Resurrection of Christ.

Showever His work is present in other temples such as San Carlos Borromeo and the church of San Pablo, where he had the roles of architect and builder. Finally, if lovers of this great artist want to visit his grave, they should go to the church of Santiago, where the family chapel is located.

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