Where to eat near the Berlin Victory Column

The Victory Column is one of the most symbolic monuments in Berlin. It stands in the middle of the Tiergarten to commemorate Prussia's victory against Denmark in the War of the Duchy of 1864.We propose some restaurants to eat near the Victory Column. Can you come with us?

Just a few meters from the Victory Column is this place that, although small, always it's cozy, colorful and fun. Hence it is a good option to go with children.

Regarding your letter,Crepegarten's specialty is crepes: There is a great variety that can be accompanied with coffee, beer or wine, etc. It all depends on the time of day and the type of crepe we order (sweet or savory). Perfect to eat near the Victory Column.

Tiergarten Quelle - Jürg Fraefel / Flickr.com

From a creperie We pass to a restaurant where you can taste the best of German food. It offers specialties such as pork knuckle with mashed peas, sauerkraut and potatoes; Nürnberger sausages with sauerkraut and french fries; or goulash Veal with potatoes and red cabbage.

On the other hand, the restaurant Lets rent a room for celebrations, if the reason for our trip has to do with an important event. By paying a certain amount, Tiergartenquelle takes care of the rest, especially, to prepare a la carte food or to prepare a buffet.

"Silence is the sound of a good meal."

-Jamie Oliver-

3. Restaurant Giraffe


This establishment is located in the middle of the Tiergarten, the main park of the capital of Germany. Therefore, if the weather is pleasant, the ideal is to sit on the terrace to enjoy the views. The time is the least, the restaurant opens from eight in the morning to two in the morning every day.

Regarding your kitchen, Restaurant Giraffe offers a selection of foods that is a small trip around the world. There are dishes for all tastes: from Mexican nachos to vegetarian spring rolls, through Thai chicken soup or Spätzle with cheese.

This beer garden and spacious outdoor tavern is also located in the heart of the Tiergarten, so we can taste a great selection of beers, some wine from the menu or a crunchy pizza under the trees and right next to the Neuer See lake. No matter what the season, Café am Neuen See is always open.

Leaving the roundabout in which the Victory Column is located and right in the park is the Viktoria Café, perfect for breakfast or for having a drink between hours as a tourist break. In it we can order a wide variety of hot drinks, as well as delicious cakes, cookies or empanadas.

6. Restaurant Atlantis


Although it is part of the Pestana Berlin Tiergarten Hotel, it can be accessed by anyone who wants to enjoy the cultural and culinary programming it offers. Regarding the latter, say that The establishment has a great selection of excellent wines and delicacies of German cuisine.

In case you visit the Victory Column at night and want to have a drink before returning to your accommodation, You can relax in the Aqua Bar, where the atmosphere is elegant and musical. Although it is also the ideal setting to see an international sporting event on one of its screens.

This is the first project of the prestigious Catalan chef Paco Pérez, with five Michelin stars, outside of Spain. With him, he intends to stimulate the five senses of his clients through a kitchen without flourishes and first class products. Therefore, it is one of the best places to eat near the Victory Column.

Something further from the Victory Column, but just as recommended, is this Italian restaurant, one of the oldest in Berlin, since since 1974 he fascinates his diners with his delicious dishes, some of which are seasonal, such as turbot with black butter and capers or spaghetti with burrata cream, basil and eggplant. 

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