Vis Island, a paradise off the coast of Croatia

Who has never wanted to discover magical places? It can be a dune from which to admire the sunset, that remote town, that waterfall or even a paradise island. The moment has come. In Croatia is the beautiful island of Vis. Paradise for many and magic for others, it has everything to be a really special place. You want to know why? Here we go!

Situation and history of the Vis Island

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Vis Island is an island located in the Adriatic Sea. It has an area of ​​90.3 km² and about 3,500 people live there. It communicates with Split, the largest city in Dalmatia (and southern region of Croatia) through a ferry.

Its history takes us to the past of prehistoric and Greek villages, and so it was until in the third century B.C. It was conquered by the Romans. During the Middle Ages it was part of the famous Byzantine Empire, whose legacy can be seen in beautiful cities like Istanbul.

During the 19th century it was the scene of disputes between France and England and, finally, between Austria-Hungary and Italy. In the same way, too It was one of the scenarios of World War II, when used as a military base.

Vis Island: the perfect corner of Croatia

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Despite having a past full of history, the island of Vis has been able to survive human settlements without losing its charm. Due to its remoteness with the coast of Croatia, It is a heavenly and, above all, natural place.

This is partly because it was not open to foreigners until 1989, as it was a strategic and military point of the former Yugoslavia. From that date, however, the island became an important tourist focus. A quiet destination, ideal for relaxation and for couples travel.

In addition, it is the perfect place to taste the freshest fish in the country due to its fishing tradition. But above all, It is a place full of caves, coves and sandy beaches You have nothing to envy to the Caribbean.

What to see on the island of Vis

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The island has two villages located on the shore of two large bays. The first, more to the northeast is called Vis and the second Komiža, to the southwest.

Vis is the first colony of the island, located on the shores of a horseshoe-shaped bay. It is one of the main tourist places of the island, since there are remains of a Greek cemetery, Roman baths and a fortress built during the Napoleonic wars.

Further, part of the history of the island of Vis can be known in the Archeology Museum. Inside there are several exhibits that tell the history of the island from its ethnic variety, its fishing past and the legacy of all societies.

If you decide to visit the island, we recommend you to bathe and enjoy its beaches. You don't stop being in a hidden place in Europe. And also, let us tell you that Vis Island is a place of cinema! Movies like the second part of the musical have been shot here My momma.

We also advise you to enjoy the landscapes, for example of the Green Cave, an opening where you can enter diving or by boat. It will take you to arrive, but it will be worth it.

How to get to the island

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From Slipt every day a ferry which also carries vehicles. It is designed for the islanders who are going to work, rather than tourists. However, during the summer there are ferries specialized They leave on weekends at 9 in the morning and return at 6 in the afternoon.

The island will have to travel by car or, at most by bus, although there is only one line and, unless you go in high season, you will have to wait. So, the most logical thing is to rent a car and take it to the island. In fact, the roads run near large cliffs that will give you stunning views.

«Travel, first leaves you speechless, then transforms you into a storyteller.»

-Ibn Battuta-

And that's it! Did you find it interesting? Do not miss the opportunity to discover unique places during your time in Croatia. Prepare the towel, sunscreen and sunglasses because we are going to paradise!

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