The Black Forest in Germany

Surely when they say "Black Forest" you think of a delicious chocolate cake. The same happens to all of us until we know this beautiful place in Germany. Would you like to take a walk through “Schwarzwald”? Join us!

The Black Forest, in the heart of the continent

This german region It is located next to the Rhin Valley and is characterized by its extensive fir and pine forests. All nature seems to have gathered in this place full of valleys, lakes and waterfalls. It also offers towns that we might well say have taken them out of a story.

The German Black Forest is divided into three main parts:

  • North: There are cities like Baden Baden or Calw.
  • Medium: With towns like Offenburg and the Kinzig Valley.
  • South: The most popular for its border with Switzerland and the university city of Freiburg.

What to visit in the Black Forest of Germany?

Black Forest- Baciu

People say that that particular name is not due to the color of the land or the vegetation but to the density of the forests and how dark it could become for the Roman era walkers. Shcwarzwald has more than 6,000 km² of extension and is located in the state of Baden Württemberg.

“There is pleasure in forests without trails, there is ecstasy on a lonely coast. There is the loneliness where no one interferes, through the deep ocean and the music with his roar: I love man no less, but I love nature more.

-Lord Byron-

To get to the area by plane, the closest airports are those of Strasbourg, Basel and Zurich, taking as reference the center of the Black Forest, that is, the city of Triberg.

In a typical 3 or 4 day tour of the German forested region you can not miss these beautiful places where you look at them. Take note and organize your trip!


It is the most visited place in the entire Black Forest for several reasons. It is a beautiful town in the middle of the region and has wonderful waterfalls. They will tell you that they are the highest in the country (it really isn't), but they are beautiful.

Triberg waterfalls - Andrey_Popov

Triberg is also famous for its cuckoo clocks. You will see them at every step you take, you can even see the biggest in the world, the size of a small house, really giant!


Among the tourists who visit the Black Forest, most agree that This is one of the most colorful villages in the whole country, something meritorious considering the amount of beautiful locations in Germany and especially in this area.

Gengenbach - Fox Wu /

It is a small town but it is worth making a stop in Gengenbach to admire the traditional architecture composed of typical white half-timbered houses and balconies full of flowers.

Freiburg im Breisgau

Be careful with this city ... you probably want to stay there forever! You will fall in love at first sight with its cobbled streets, their quality of life and commitment to the environment. In addition, it has a benign climate and a friendly population that does not reach 200,000 inhabitants.

Freiburg - KATATONIA82

In the center of Freiburg is the cathedral, one of the outstanding monuments, but you can also explore the surroundings to glimpse, for example, Mount Feldberg or Europa Park, the largest in the country.

St. Peter

It is located 20 kilometers from Freiburg and is very small. The most important attraction is the Benedictine Monastery dating from the eleventh century. The road that leads to this beautiful construction has views that will leave you breathless.

Sankt Peter - Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

If you have the "luck" to travel on a foggy day, you will understand why the Romans gave it the name Black Forest to the area You may not distinguish too much around you!


It is related to luxury tourism by its casino and its several spas, however, there are also options for less baggy pockets. Without becoming a destination for backpackers or low-income travelers, at least we recommend you take a walk through the city center or by the river, they are free!


And in any of the places we've shown you You can try the typical delight, the Black Forest cake. Of course you can't leave the region without having eaten it. It is the official dessert!

If you are planning your vacation in this place,Get ready to know a really beautiful and unimaginable natural environment.

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