We visited the impressive Antelope Canyon in Arizona

Surely you have seen photographs of the impressive Antelope Canyon. And it is not surprising, since it is one of the most famous and visited canyons in the United States. It is located in northern Arizona and is part of a Navajo indigenous reservation. Do you want to visit it?

How has the impressive Antelope Canyon?

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This cannon is a slot cannon. This geological formation has been formed by the action of water. That is, it has been pierced with the passage of water currents. This process is known as epidemic and has lasted for thousands of years.

As a result, the walls of the Antelope canyon reach about 40 meters high in some points. The canyon is usually divided into two formations, the upper and lower Antelope canyon, and has a total length of about 400 meters.

The name comes from the herds of antelopes that used to graze and walk through the canyon in the winter.

A spiritual place for Navajo Indians

Antelope Canyon - Edwin Verin

As we have said, the impressive Antelope Canyon is part of a Navajo indigenous reserve. Y it is they, the Navajos, who carry out the management of this natural space. In fact, it is mandatory to hire the help of a Navajo guide to visit the canyon, since there are certain risks when entering the narrow walls.

Within the culture of the Navajos, the canyon is considered a spiritual place. Upon entering it, one can be closer to the gods and, of course, in harmony with Mother Nature. In the Navajo language, the Antelope Canyon has the name of Tsé Bighánílíní, which means 'place where water runs through the rocks'.

Make sure you go well accompanied

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Although this canyon is in the Arizona desert, rains are abundant. This is a great risk, since the canyon is under the ground, forming tunnels.

For this very reason, it can be completely flooded in minutes. Therefore, to avoid problems or accidents of this type, it is mandatory to hire the help of an expert guide.

In 1997, the place occupied the front pages of all newspapers due to the death of 11 tourists due to an instant flood. Only the guide was saved. This is an isolated case, of course. But still, Be very careful, be cautious and be sure to follow the instructions given by the guide.

A natural kaleidoscope

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The walls of the canyon are made of sandstone and remind, thanks to the light that filters from the outside, to a surrealist painting. Surely you find some professional photographer during your guided tour. No wonder, since the shades of the rocks vary throughout the year, with the change of season.

Even on the same day, colors can change depending on the light that enters through the cracks or the angle of vision in which we place the camera. This place has, therefore, a certain natural kaleidoscope air.

What to see in Antelope Canyon

This canyon, located in the Glen Canyon recreational area, is one of the stops on the famous tour of the national parks of the western United States. It is divided into two parts.

Upper canyon

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The upper canyon It is the most visited and the one with the most photographs. The excursion to this part of the geological formation lasts 90 minutes. We recommend you to visit it during the midday, about 12 o'clock. In those hours, the light flows through the cracks and gives rise to an impressive chromatic spectacle.

This is the busiest part of the canyon, so We recommend you buy tickets a few days in advance. They can be purchased on the Antelope Canyon website.

Lower canyon

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The lower canyon is narrower than the upper one. Sometimes, the step does not exceed 50 centimeters. To visit it, it is not necessary to buy tickets in advance, since it is much less crowded.

To access it, you have to go down some metal stairs that facilitate entry and exit. In the past, it could only be accessed by climbing. That is why it was considered an extremely dangerous place given the sudden rises of the Antelope River, which could quickly flood it.

The lower canyon enclosure It is open all year, except on rainy days, which is not allowed access to tourists.

"I think the world is incomprehensibly beautiful: an infinite perspective of magic and wonder."

-Ansel Adams-

If you are lucky enough to meet in the United States, Feel free to visit the impressive Antelope Canyon, a jewel of nature.

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