What are the best destinations for teenagers?

Adolescence is a complicated stage for family relationships, since children undergo a transition from childhood to adulthood. To try to have a good time, We are going to offer you a list of destinations for teenagers to those who can travel as a family. Get ready!

The keys to traveling with teenagers

As we said, adolescence is a stage where great transformations are suffered. It is characterized by notable changes in character and mood in children, which can sometimes lead to family conflicts. Well, to know how to take the best possible relationship with your children, the first tip is to approach them and have common conversation topics.

When traveling, this translates into a very simple idea: Find destinations that suit your child's tastes. During adolescence it is usually very common, and more today, entertainment as the main resource of young people. This entertainment can be visual, physical, mental, etc.

To choose destination, this means that you have to choose places where our son doesn't get bored. Places that call your attention, that contrast with your interests, have a great time ... Which does not mean that adults do not enjoy them, on the contrary.

"We shouldn't discourage young people from dreaming big dreams."

-Lenny Wilkens-

But how to choose destinations for teenagers?

Now is when the complicated comes. If we already know that our children look for places where there are things to see or do ... how do I select the appropriate place? Well, the key to selecting destination at these ages is simple: look for theme parks or popular cities. What are we referring to?

1. Theme parks in Spain

PortAventura - Михаило Јовановић / commons.wikimedia.org

If you want to organize your trip with your teenage son without leaving Spain, there are many options. Theme parks provide immediate entertainment. The place may not have much history, but unless your son is passionate, he will prefer a destination to have fun.

For this reason, theme parks are a great idea. In the capital there are several options, from the Madrid Amusement Park, through the Aquópolis, the Warner Park…

But in Spain there are many other places to enjoy. Highlights the famous park of Port Aventura, in Tarragona. And there will always be older parks such as Tibidabo in Barcelona, ​​Monte Igueldo in San Sebastián ... And during the summer, the water parks of Benidorm.

In this category, Do not forget to add the natural parks. Some options are Cabárceno in Cantabria or Faunia in Madrid.

2. Theme parks outside Spain

Magic Kingdom Orlando - Jeff Krause / Flickr.com

Beyond the Spanish borders, really spectacular theme parks await us. Without going further, it's impossible not to mention Disneyland Paris. Futuroscope, also in France, and Europa Park in Germany are other possibilities.

Across the Atlantic, we await destinations for teenagers that your children will love. We talk, without going any further, about Disneworld, in Orlando, a tourist complex that exceeds the Parisian's dimensions. Specifically, it has two water parks, a sports complex, two shopping centers, twenty-four hotels and six golf circuits.

On the other hand, Universal studies also stand out, the famous film company. If your children are movie lovers, they will have a great time. Finally, we have the SeaWorld, a theme park focused on animals and nature. Or Busch Gardens, a mix of zoo and amusement park.

3. Popular cities

New York

We end our trip with a list of the most popular and entertaining cities where your children will have a great time. We can't start without mentioning New York, the jewel of the United States where there are plenty of options to see. Your children will be surprised by the modernity of the city, skyscrapers ...

Closer to Spain, you have to talk, of course, about London, one of the cities of Harry Potter and thousands of customs that you will easily recognize. Also in Europe, they surely enjoy the atmosphere of Berlin.

If you are looking for a paradise destination, in the Caribbean your children can enjoy incredible beaches and all kinds of water activities.

Of course, there will always be places where your children can have a great time, but remember: the key is to be entertained. If you manage to keep your curiosity, the trip will be a success.

You already know it, plan your trip in advance and, above all, keep in mind the tastes and preferences of your children. You will discover that they are ceasing to be children and, as future adults, they like their opinion to be taken into account. Thus, choose the best destinations together for teenagers and prepare an unforgettable family trip!

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