Everything you need to know about Darwin

Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory and is better known to Australians as the "Top End."It is one of the most authentic cities in all of Australia and because? Well, it contains all the aboriginal culture. In fact, to this day, some of the places where Aboriginal people used to live their lives remain intact.

If we were to highlight just one thing about this city, it would be its tropical climate with its sunny days. Without a doubt, a paradise for lovers of heat and good weather. It is also a perfect city for the most intrepid and adventurous. If you like to discover nature, this is your city!

We leave you a list of sites that you cannot miss in Darwin. Live a unique experience in the northernmost city of Australia.

Darwin, a different city


Apart from being one of the most jungle and deep cities in Australia, it has many other things that make it special. Darwin is a very young and multicultural city. Every year it receives hundreds of tourists who do not want to miss any of its corners.

Darwin is warm, calm and maintains an atmosphere of calm and relaxation that will catch you. It is ideal for those who love relaxed sites without much noise.

Without a doubt, it is a unique and tremendously attractive place. Its natural beauty and its surroundings will seduce you. Animal lovers will love it, as they can find the wildest specimens on earth.

And like every good city, you can also enjoy a gastronomy rich in natural products, amazing restaurants and pubs Where to rest with a typical Australian beer.

The famous crocodiles

Kakadu National Park

Every year numerous young people from all over the world go to Darwin to explore their surroundings and observe fauna and flora. Among those who enjoy strong emotions, One of the most famous activities is to be with crocodiles. One of the most numerous animals in Australia and most attract the attention of foreigners.

In fact, there is a place, Crocosaurus Cove, where you can go and feed the crocodiles more terrifying salt water. Some are considered the largest in the world. There, you can take pictures with them and see their young.

As well you will see the famous barramundis fish, sawfish, archer fish and whip rays in the freshwater aquarium. Even small turtles and reptiles!

Enjoy aboriginal culture

Billabong in Darwin

Another of the things that people are most passionate about when they travel is to meet the people there, their culture, their customs ... In Darwin you can do a lot of activities to immerse yourself more fully in their culture.

Near this city is Pudakul, a place where you can learn about the native foods of Australia, the most traditional medicine and the most common instruments among them, such as clapsticks

Another of the activities you can do there is to hire a cultural cruise to watch the sunset at the port of Darwin. It will be an experience! On this walk you can visit the famous Fannie Bay sandbar and walk along the beach while the sun sets.

During the journey the guide will teach you the fishing methods and traditional crafts. You can even taste a plate of typical food there.

For those who want to live the experience more thoroughly, Lord's Kakadu and Arnhemland Safaris offer private luxury excursions from Darwin to the Land of Arnhem and the Kakadu National Park.

There you will see incredible landscapes and see all the nature that hides behind this city. You will be surprised by the red rock escarpments, its waterfalls, and the ponds billabong. A real past!

The famous Mindil beach market

Sunset in Darwin - Geoff Whalan / Flickr.com

Another thing you can not miss is this famous market. It is located on Mindil Beach, a paradise beach of Darwin. In this market You will have the opportunity to taste a lot of types of exotic exotic cuisine.

Also, every Sunday and Thursday nights, the native people gather on the shore of the Arafura Sea to watch the sunset. It will be one of the most beautiful things you see!

As we see, Darwin leaves no one indifferent. You can taste the most aboriginal culture with the most jungle landscape in all of Australia.

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