Madurodam, the Netherlands in miniature

Madurodam is a theme park on the outskirts of Hague. A park in which all the Netherlands are represented. Of course, in miniature, to a size 25 times smaller than its real dimensions. There, everything awaits you, from the typical Dutch monuments and canals to tulip plantations. It's like flying over the country and seeing all its wonders.

How to get to Madurodam

As we have said, the Madurodam miniature park is very close to The Hague. Specific You will find it just 3 kilometers from Den Haag Centraal, that is, the Hague Central Station, next to the beautiful Scheveningen forest.

A place that is easily reached by the city tram. And even if you want to blend in with the local population, too you can go by bike to the park entrance.

Holland from a bird's eye view

Rijksmuseum model

As soon as you enter Madurodam, you have the feeling of having become a real giant. The truth is that this feeling is in other miniature parks around the world, such as the Parque Dos Pequenitos in Coimbra or MiniEuropa in Brussels, near the Atomium.

However, because of its surface and the care of the models, the truth is that Madurodam is a real gem. In fact, is considered the best of its kind.

The elderly are undoubtedly impressed by the detail with which some of the sites that are usually visited during a trip to Holland are represented. And is that in Madurodam you can see the Rijksmuseum building or Dam Square in Amsterdam at 1:25 scale. Or Parliament's own headquarters in The Hague.

While,the little ones hallucinate with some models that really seem like toys, but yes, made with absolute precision. This way, they love to see places like the great Schipoll airport, with airplanes and everything. Or the typical windmills on the banks of the canals and dikes of the Dutch landscape.

A little history about Madurodam

Typical mill models

The park is nothing new. In fact, Madurodam opened its doors in 1952. And the name was given in homage to a young Hebrew student who fought with the Dutch resistance against the Nazis. Young man who unfortunately ended up in the Dachau concentration camp, where he died. His name was George Maduro.

The best-known tribute to the Jewish victims who suffered and fell during the years of occupation of the Netherlands by Germany, surely, is the Anne Frank House. But there are many others spread across the country, and one of them is Madurodam.

A park that allocates part of its income to charities for youth. So if you visit it, you will also be collaborating with that commendable work. Do not forget.

Theme Park Growth

Model of the port of The Hague

When the park of miniatures was opened it was not as big as now, and that is Over the years it has been expanding. At the same time, maintenance work was done on the models and new ones were made.

At the beginning practically all the elements recreated were emblematic monuments of Holland, like the tower of Utrecht. But little by little other themes have been incorporated, many to reflect the most beloved traditions by the Flemish people, such as the cheese auction in the Alkmaar square.

Without forgetting that scenes of colorful tulip fields or boat trips through the canals that dot the entire Dutch territory are represented in great detail. Y some models are equipped with movement, such as the impressive port of Rotterdam.

Anyway, what Madurodam offers us a total trip throughout Holland. A most fun and instructive trip to discover the thousand and one places that this northern European country offers us. A place where you learn and enjoy no matter how old you are.

Video: Madurodam, Miniature City, The Hague (February 2020).