10 things you should see and do in Hanoi

It is very difficult to summarize the things you can do and see in Hanoi. A city as exciting as it is chaotic. There are essential tourist visits, there are gastronomic experiences that you should try, there are purchases that you must do and places for which you have to get lost. So we will try to give you a guide to enjoy the capital of Vietnam.

As we have said, Hanoi is a chaotic city. It is overcrowded and has insane traffic. But that said, we must also say that it's a fascinating city, and the Vietnamese are kind and smiling people.

Therefore, we encourage you to discover the city alone. Just prepare the plan a little. Here are our recommendations:

1. Hoan Kiem Lake

This lake is the nerve center of Hanoi. It is a small green space amid the madness of surrounding streets. And as part of it, you can visit a beautiful pagoda, in which we will observe all the rituals that Buddhists follow. From donating food to burning money.

2. The Old Quarter of Hanoi

Old Quarter - Daniel Mennerich / Flickr.com

When we tell you to prepare a plan for a visit to Hanoi, in the case of its Old Quarter, in reality the only possible plan is to say, let's visit it! From there its labyrinths of streets will absorb you.

In the Old Quarter you will find all kinds of shops and, interestingly, these stores are homes at the same time. Let yourself go and, if you want to buy something, do not hesitate to haggle.

3. More purchases in Dong Xuan market

Leaving the Old Quarter you will reach another of the commercial epicenters of Hanoi: the Dong Xuan market. It is a multi-story building where the huge amount of merchandise (of all kinds), just leaves aisles to circulate. It is the paradise of copies!

4. The French Quarter

Hanoi Cathedral - Khánh Hmoong / Flcikr.com

On one side of Hoan Kiem Lake is the Old Quarter. And on the other, the French Colonial Quarter of Hanoi. Do not forget that Indochina was a colony of France. And during that period many monumental buildings were built. Among them, the Opera or several of the most elegant hotels in the city.

5. Presidential Palace

And if we talk about monumental architecture in this area of ​​the city we must mention the Presidential Palace, which before that was a royal residence. Its yellow facade is unmistakable.

Interestingly, next to it is a garden. The place where Ho Chi Minh decided to build a wooden house to live, thus despising the great palace.

6. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Ho-Chi-Minh Mausoleum - Gregor Dodson / Flickr.com

If in life the great leader of Vietnam lived in a humble house, for posterity a mausoleum that today is the most revered place in the country was built. There is exposed his mummy And, if you want to visit it, you have to follow strict rules, which include the inability to take pictures.

7. War Museum

When naming Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnam War immediately comes to mind. Well, to know more about it, one of the places we can visit in Hanoi is the War Museum.

Here you will find all kinds of memories of that conflict, which eventually defeated the Vietnamese to the almighty Americans, although at the cost of thousands and thousands of victims.

8. Vietnamese Women's Museum

It is not the only museum we recommend for a visit to Hanoi. Also include the Vietnamese Women's Museum. It is most revealing about this society, where women are the fundamental pillar from any point of view: economic, family, cultural ... A well-deserved tribute to the women of this country.

9. Single Pillar Pagoda

Unique Pillar Pagoda

There are many pagodas that deserve a visit in Hanoi, but we want to recommend the one known as the Pilar Unico pagoda. Its architecture is typical of this type of temples, but the most attractive thing about it is its location, next to a small lake next to the aforementioned Presidential Palace.

10. Temple of Literature

We finish this quick tour of Hanoi visiting the Temple of Literature. A place that was the original university of the city, built exclusively for the richest there by the eleventh century.

However, today all the students and students from Hanoi arrive, where they present their graduates and celebrate it. Therefore, this site is not only a monumental visit, but also It is an ideal place to see the vitality and the enormous future that awaits this country from Southeast Asia.

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