Kabuki Wellington, the best Japanese cuisine in Madrid

The sushi, and in general Japanese gastronomy, have become very fashionable in recent years. For this reason, more and more restaurants offer it. Let's discover the Kabuki Wellington restaurant in Madrid, a place where Asian flavors merge with the Mediterranean tradition.

The beginnings of the restaurant Kabuki Wellington

This restaurant, which is now one of the most famous in Madrid, began its activity several decades ago, when they didn't even think they would become a recognized restaurant chain.

Kabuki Wellington - Javier Lastras / Flickr.com

Kabuki was born with the aim of creating an elegant and subtle fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. It was about entering the Spanish in this culture by offering the best of their cuisine with a different touch. And always taking care of the quality of the ingredients and the elaboration.

We all know that changes are not usually simple for many, especially when it comes to food. But Kabuki Wellington restaurant stands out for the subtlety and good taste, so the introduction of Japanese flavors was a success.

Fusion with international prestige

Javier Lastras / Flickr.com

It is something already recognized thatThe name Kabuki is given to the mixture of Mediterranean and Japanese food worldwide. It could not be otherwise, this restaurant was the 'culprit' of such a unique pairing. On their website, they define their spirit like this:

Kabuki cuisine, a meeting point between the Japanese and Mediterranean cultures that, throughout those years, has been defined by the quality of its raw material and by the simplicity and elegance of its elaborations, since our goal has been, at all times, that the dishes manifest the flavors in all their purity.

And hey, they have. Not only with food, but also with its wines and its variety of Japanese sakes, which give the harmonic touch to this fusion. And not counting that everything is taken care of in detail mixing both cultures, including the service.

They train the staff with the aim of achieving a balance between Japanese respect and Spanish hospitality. Something impossible because of the tremendous differences? Approach the Kabuki Wellington restaurant and judge for yourself if this is a viable thing.

The menu and its achievements

The menu of this restaurant is, how little, impressive. They make one of the best sushi that you can try in the world, with added Spanish ingredients.

For example, there are pieces that are made with asparagus, some wear a veil of pork rind and others even fried egg. The fusion sounds strange, different, but we assure you that if you try it you will live a sensory experience.

Kabuki - Pablo Monteagudo / Flickr.com

However, it is not only sushi What is in your letter. Unlike, you can try other delicious fish or meat dishes, so you can be accompanied by whoever you want, regardless of whether or not you like the sushi.

Mix an element as elegant as the sushi With the freshest products in Spain, among which the excellent fish and seafood that comes from its coasts are characterized, it was a success. So much thatSince the first Kabuki restaurant opened in Madrid there have been many changes.

There are already ten restaurants that the group has, strategically distributed throughout the city. You can even try some of these delicacies at Barajas airport, which you will surely arrive at.

The Japanese cuisine has been extended and there are many restaurants specialized in it that can be found in cities like Madrid. But nevertheless, Kabuki continues to stand out for its quality and good work in its kitchens.

You already know that finding a place to eat well-prepared dishes, with carefully chosen ingredients and at a reasonable price does not seem easy at all, but in Madrid you already have this problem solved with the Kabuki Wellington restaurant. In your stay in the city do not forget to try it, you will not regret!

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