Las Vegas and its interesting history

Who has not seen the throbbing city of Las Vegas in any movie, series or television event? Famous worldwide for its casinos, its performances and its constant events, it is a unique place on the entire planet. Therefore, we invite you to come to know a little more about its history and its charms.

No wonder that Las Vegas receives different names, although the most famous is "The City of Sin". Something normal, since the game is one of the main claims. But not the only one. Here you can consume alcohol at any time of the day, for example.

What is the city of Las Vegas like?

Las Vegas is the capital of Clark County for over 100 years, when it was founded. There, the local population exceeds two million inhabitants. It may not seem like much, but if we add that many millions of American and worldwide visitors who arrive daily, it is clear that the streets are crowded at all times.

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But nevertheless, The great fame of this city is well deserved thanks to its casinos and the huge number of world-famous events it hosts every year. Boxing matches, performances of the best voices on the planet and all kinds of conventions and bachelor parties are the day to day of the place. And there is no better one, since, as the saying goes ...

"What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas."

Las Vegas History

Let's do a little exercise in history to go back to the origins of the city. Located in the Mojave desert, it was a traveler who followed an old Spanish road from Texas in 1829 who baptized it. Antonio Armijo called her that by the existence of springs in the area, in great contrast to the arid desert landscape.

The origins of Las Vegas were a bit chaotic. In May 1844, the military explorer John C. Fremont arrived, although it was still the territory of Mexico. It was in 1855, already annexed to the United States, when the Mormons arrived with the intention of evangelizing the Indian population known as the paiutes, with quite little success. And in 1864 Fort Baker was built.

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But nevertheless, it wasn't until 1900 when the city of Las Vegas began its true modern history. For this, the springs were channeled to the city, which turned the place into a railroad crossing area, which arrived in 1905 and established a stop for the route from Los Angeles to Albuquerque.

Already In 1931, with the game legalized throughout the country, Las Vegas began to expand. Ten years later, the first casino hotels saw the light in The City of Sin and the Second Opportunities. «The Last Frontier» or «El Rancho» were the first establishments to open their doors.

The funny thing is that the great attraction of Las Vegas as we know it today was born from the action of famous American gangsters of the time. Those hotel buildings were built by important figures of organized crime, such as Bugsy Siegel, who had the famous Flamingo built.

But nevertheless, the success of these places was growing exponentially, going from the 40,000 inhabitants in 1940 to the almost two million it has today. And the funny thing is that this is a figure that does not stop growing.

What does Las Vegas offer?

Las Vegas has grown offering visitors what they cannot get elsewhere. So that, gambling, prostitution or alcohol are totally legal in the city. Next to them, musical, theater and even circus shows, with permanent headquarters such as the famous Circus of the Sun, are some of its famous attractions, along with rocambolesque express weddings.

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Celebrities have stepped on its streets and stages over and over again. It is not uncommon to see or have enjoyed great music performances in the past such as Cher, Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Paul Anka, Frank Sinatra or Mariah Carey.

Further, the city has been the scene of great boxing matches like Mike Tyson, Pacquiao vs. Mayweather or the giant George Foreman. Here there have also been wrestling or magic shows by Criss Angel or David Copperfield.

And we don't forget the impressive hotels with themed casino, among which the Caesars Palace, the Excalibur Hotel, the Stratosphere, the Paris Las Vegas, the Mirage, the Luxor, the Bellagio, the Flamingo or the Mandalay Bay stand out.

Without a doubt, there is no more exceptional area on the face of the Earth created by man than Las Vegas. So, if you want to enjoy a unique experience and that everything you do stays there, this is your dream destination.

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