The most beautiful corners of the Green Coast of Brazil

A few kilometers from Rio de Janeiro is a pristine stretch of coastline, comprised of green mountains, almost deserted beaches, peaceful islands and crystal clear waters. We are talking about the Costa Verde of Brazil, a place with a virgin and unparalleled nature that is worth discovering. We will tour the green Coast. Do you want to meet her?

Costa Verde, virgin nature in Brazil

The Costa Verde extends over 300 kilometers on the BR-101, a road that runs from Mangaratiba to São Sebastião, arriving in Rio de Janeiro. It has abundant vegetation, dozens of beaches, capes, coves and more than 300 islands that appear along the entire route.

Green Coast of Brazil - Tupungato

There are many activities that can be done in Costa Verde. You can do water sports, fishing, visit deserted beaches or tour the islands aboard a two-masted sailboat.

You can also opt for jungle excursions, diving in the company of various species of fish or kayaking in remote fjords. After all the fun, You can stop at the small towns on the coast. You will be ecstatic with the attention of its inhabitants, who can prepare you a delicious dinner based on fish and seafood.

What to visit on the Costa Verde

1. Angra dos Reis

It is a coastal city that is only 160 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. Its bay is a tropical paradise that houses more than 2,000 beaches and 365 islets, Some still unexplored.

The journey to reach Angra is a whole walk. You can't miss cities and districts like Itacuruça, Muriqui, Mangaratiba, Jacuecanga and many others. You can do the tour making stops to enjoy the best that these locations offer. It is recommended not to stop looking at the beautiful landscape that the nature of the place offers.

This city has an excellent tourist infrastructure. It has large hotels, restaurants and boat trips designed for all tastes. It is a very popular destination for the beauty and charm of the city.

Also, in it you can enjoy beach and sun, Adventure sports such as rafting, hang gliding over the Atlantic and swimming in waterfalls. There are also luxury and relaxing excursions and architectural visits.

2. Ilha Grande

IIlha Grande is considered the most beautiful archipelago in South America. It has a great history, as it was invaded by pirates, used as a route for the slave trade and even housed a prison.

Ilha Grande - DC_Aperture

It has more than 100 coasts of turquoise waters, almost all deserted. Its green area, Atlantic Forest, houses trails where visitors can walk to admire the habitat of wild animals.

You can navigate the crystal clear waters and dive in the caves rich in marine life. If you take boat trips, you can appreciate some of the most coveted private islets in the world. It is good to mention that, in Ilha Grande cars are not allowed. The island has a bohemian lifestyle where transfers are made on foot or by bicycle.

3. Paraty

It is a very tourist city that It has been considered by UNESCO as "the most harmonious colonial architectural ensemble." This town houses historic buildings, cobbled streets and beautiful beaches. It is a charming town that combines history and natural beauty, which makes it a great attraction.

Paraty- ostill

Paraty Bay has about 50 beaches, most of them far from the city center. It boasts calm and clear waters, which make it perfect for water sports and nature walks. Also, 80% of Paraty is a protected area, it has a quiet environment where there is a magnificent preservation of the local ecosystem.

Be sure to visit areas like Ouro Preto, with its Brazilian colonial architecture, lots of nature and beautiful beaches . You should also know Abraao, a quiet place where you will have contact with indigenous cultures, in addition to its lush forests and idyllic beaches.

"He who is accustomed to travel knows that it is always necessary to leave one day."

- Paulo Coelho -

If you plan to enjoy some vacations in Rio, do not forget to tour the Costa Verde. It is an unmissable attraction that will give you moments that you will not forget.

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