Meet the Món Sant Benet monastery near Barcelona

The monastery Món Sant Benet de Bages is a great example of positive evolution for a monument. A sample of how historical and artistic heritage can come back to life after several centuries of existence. In this case, a renovation in which some of the great names of Catalan art of the last century have intervened.

History of the monastery Món Sant Benet

Interior of the monastery - ANSELM PALLÀS -

The beginnings of this monumental complex move us hundreds of years ago. Specifically in the 10th century. It was then that the germ of the Monastery Sant Benet was created with a small community of monks.

Although, as the Middle Ages progressed that community grew, and so did the abbey. In fact, it was in the twelfth century when the great jewels of the current monument were raised: its church and, above all, the spectacular Romanesque cloister.

The monks remained in this place for centuries, until the 19th specifically, when it was abandoned. However, in 1907 its history was going to take a turn, since It was acquired by the family of the famous Catalan painter Ramón Casas.

The new owners transformed the old monastery into a summer residence. For this, they had the designs of one of the great architects of modernism: Josep Puig i Cadalfach.

Món Sant Benet monastery today

Stay of the monastery - ANSELM PALLÀS /

If here we have told you about the past of the monastery Món Sant Benet, now we will tell you its present. It is a monument that, of course, can be visited, but it is much more than that. It has become an innovative tourist and cultural center.

As for the visits to the monastery, all its value can be recognized thanks to a museum and scenographic assembly of the most modern, which allows us to immerse ourselves in its history, the furthest and the closest. In fact, it is a reference not only for tourism, but also for culture.

But in addition, the environment of the Mon Sant Benet monastery has been used to generate innovative initiatives related to the landscape. And also with gastronomy, since an international kitchen research center has been opened here.

The areas of Món Sant Benet

Monastery Winery - Enric / Wikimedia Commons

In the whole of the monastery Món Sant Benet several areas are distinguished. First, place the monastery itself, where not only visits are made, a congress hall has also been created. In addition, there is a meeting room in the building called La Fábrica, where tickets are sold and there is the restaurant La Fonda.

But speaking of food, we must mention the headquarters of the Alicia Foundation, the creator of the gastronomic research center. It has a laboratory-kitchen, an auditorium and also a kitchen designed for children. And finally, there is the 4 star Hotel Món.

Món Sant Benet's offer

Monastery Gallery - Enric / Wikimedia Commons

From all that has been said so far, it follows that the Món Sant Benet monastery is a place that not only can be visited, it is also possible to stay there and eat, eat very well. Up to this point It would become a complete center of vacations and leisure.

However, your bet goes further. It has a program of visits and activities most suggestive for all types of audiences. For example, tastings of nearby agricultural products can be made.

Similarly, you can choose between different types of visits. Some move us to the Middle Ages, and others to the effervescent years of Catalan modernism. And of course, gastronomic activities can be followed Alicia Foundation, which works with all types of audiences, but especially with children.

Anyway, what the visit to the monastery Món Sant Benet is an adventure. And it can always be repeated, since its variety of activities will allow us to discover the place from another perspective.

By the way, where is this site that you can not miss? Món Sant Benet monastery It is located in the town of Sant Fruitós de Bages, northwest of Barcelona. By road from the Catalan capital it takes approximately one hour to arrive.