Alesund and its great architecture «art nouveau»

Alesund is a charming Norwegian city closely linked to the architectural style art nouveau. The reason? We will discover it, as well as everything you have to do if you decide to travel to this tremendously inspiring, modernist and beautiful place. Can you come with us?

The reconstruction of Alesund

Alesund view

In 1904 the city of Alesund suffered a terrible fire That forced him to change his appearance. The fire swept through buildings, houses and everything he found on his way in the sixteen hours he was active. Only 200 homes stood up, leaving approximately 10,000 people homeless.

After the catastrophe, it was decided to rebuild Alesund immediately. For this, it was thought to follow the architectural model art nouveau, fashionable by then.

Thus, in 1907 the city regained all its splendor. Of course, converted into a totally different location than what can be seen in other places in the Nordic country, but also in the world.

Where and how to admire Alesund's architecture

GangerRolf / Wikimedia Commons

Alesund is full of colorful buildings inspired by national romanticism, of towers and ornamentation very careful and striking. To account for all this, just take a walk through the old town.

Also, to enjoy the best panoramic views of the city and its beautiful and characteristic architecture art nouveu You can climb Mount Aksla, with various viewpoints. It is best to take the climb calmly, because you have to overcome no less than 418 steps!

The other option is to go to the Fjellstua restaurant, where to enjoy the views while having a drink or something to eat. Can you think of a better plan?

Those who prefer to simply take a walk along the Alesundent canal can ride a boat. A less unique experience, because the water serves as a mirror and it reflects the beautiful colored houses art nouveau.

Other charms of Alesund

Alesund Center - Cycling man /

Alesund offers more tourist possibilities apart from those we have just seen. You can take a walk along the Skateflukaia pier, the largest in the city. From it, the boats leave for Bergen or Kirkenes.

At one end of the pier is the Englandsfarten National Monument. It was built in honor of ships that came and went from the United Kingdom during World War II.

On the other hand, To know the history of the city before the fire you can go to the Sunnmore Museum. It is outdoors and consists of more than 50 old houses. You can enter them and know first-hand the traditions of the town and also the country.

Just as interesting is the Alesund Museum, where local fishing methods are explained, as well as the way in which the typical boats of the city were built.

Nor should you miss the Atlanterhavsparken. It is a large aquarium where you can enjoy marine flora and fauna and where it is possible to dive at certain points.

Alesund environment

View from Mount Aksla in Alesund

On any trip to Alesund, in addition to admiring its architecture art nouveau, you should not lose sight of its natural environment, of great beauty. And is that the city is located very close, for example, to the Hjorund and Geiranger fjords, two of the most tourist places in the Nordic country.

In the surroundings of Alesund is also the island of Runde, an authentic bird sanctuary, because at the time of nesting (between February and August) it reaches 500,000 copies. And you can visit the mountain of Sunnmorsalpene, a beautiful place to go skiing or hiking.

As we just saw, Alesund is a unique city in Norway that hides multiple charms that cannot be overlooked. If you like architecture, if you are a lover of nature or want to know a very special place, go ahead and visit it.