Enjoy the best tours of Barcelona

The different tours of Barcelona allow us to capture the different faces of this polyhedral city, one of the most visited capitals in Europe and always has things to show. On the other hand, the huge size of the City of Barcelona can overwhelm and even go astray, which is why guided tours are an excellent visit option.

Tours around Barcelona for all tastes

The tours around Barcelona cover subjects as diverse as modernist architecture or football. That is, there are endless possibilities, whatever your interests. And even whatever your physical conditions, since there is also a route through the most accessible Barcelona.

Tour accessible by Barcelona

Street of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Let's start with the latter, which we plasma that Barcelona is a city focused on tourism. A place where everyone is welcome and is intended to be satisfied.

That is the spirit of this tour of Barcelona specially designed for people with reduced mobility. A guided tour that will take you to stroll through the Gothic Quarter and discover at its own pace all its charms.

Architectural visits in Barcelona

View of Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter is one of the most interesting areas for all those who want to discover the history of Barcelona and all its importance in the artistic field of architecture.

But there are other tours of Barcelona through various very attractive urban areas. For example, one of them takes us through the districts of Ribera and El Born. Just as we can visit the Raval neighborhood, with its mixture of the Middle Ages and today.

Tour Gaudi

sacred Family

However, if we talk about tours of Barcelona starring architecture, then it is obligatory to quote Modernism. And more specifically, we must refer to the great Antoni Gaudí.

These are the most demanded guided tours, which they will take us to the Sagrada Familia, the Park Güell or its spectacular Casa Batlló and Milá on Paseo de Gracia. Absolutely essential.

"The architect is the synthetic man, the one who is able to see things together before they are done."

-Antoni Gaudí-

Barça Route

Camp Nou - John Seb Barber / Flickr.com

And among the tours around Barcelona there is also another one that has a clamorous success among tourists. It is the route that It takes us to know the Barcelona Football Club stadium and its museum.

By the way, in a city like Catalan, where there are places like the Picasso Museum or the National Museum of Catalonia, Barça Museum is the most visited.

Tour maritime

Olympic Port - Andres Alvarado / Flickr.com

Another walk through Barcelona in high demand starts at the city port. It is the sea route that some peculiar boats called «Swallows» offer us.

In them It goes from Port Vell along the entire Barcelona coast, being able to choose between different durations and services. And you can also choose the schedules. If possible, we recommend at sunset.

Get to know Barcelona's street art

Born neighborhood in Barcelona

Not all the art that can be seen in the Catalan capital is historic and official. As well there are manifestations of the most rabid news, with its transgressive point. That can be seen for example in the tour in Barcelona that follows in the footsteps of street performers.

An alternative tour of Raval locations, the Poble Nou or the Born where they are discovered from graffiti to peculiar design stores.

Premium Barcelona

Paseo de Gracia - Ivan-Ivanov

From the most alternative to the most glamorous. We finish these proposals for tours of Barcelona proposing one that only the most healthy economies have access to. Is about tours private in elegant luxury vehicles that for several hours and with all kinds of services will take us to a select and small group of people through the most emblematic places of the city.

And as an end to the experience, it is possible to board a helicopter and fly over the city, being fascinated by the views. It is clear that it is the tour of the tours In Barcelona, ​​the most snobish and exclusive of all, but if there is a possibility, it is worth paying for the experience.

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