Places in the world where the menu includes insects

For most, insects have many meanings, but not that of being a succulent dish. Therefore, we can be impressed, and even disgusted, when we discover that the menu somewhere includes a dish made with worms, cockroaches or some other bug.

The truth is that there are many countries where insects are part of the local diet. Oddly enough, insects are also protein and people have learned to make them edible and sometimes delicious.

The point is that everyone has to solve the dilemma: Eat insects to taste the true local flavors or refrain from doing so because of the cultural conditioning that leads us to see them as dirty or unpleasant. Everyone decides.

For you to be prepared, you better know what are those places where the menu includes insects. Here are some of them.

If there is a place where insects are part of the usual menu, that is Thailand. In total 1600 different types of insects are eaten. In fact, in that country the consumption of these exotic dishes is part of its tourist attractions.

They are usually eaten roasted or grilled on skewers. There are skewers of all kinds of worms, including silkworms. Also cockroaches of water to taste, and grasshoppers, moths and all kinds of bugs. The Nana neighborhood in Bangkok is the place specialized in this type of dishes.

Plate of escamoles - Isidro López-Arcos

In Mexico several types of insects are consumed, but definitely the best known are the famous “chapulines. These are eaten roasted, without further accompaniment, or in enchiladas or marinades. They are crickets or grasshoppers.

It is also very common to meet the famous maguey worm in tequila or mezcal. In some areas the escamoles are consumed, which are the larvae of an ant. So in Mexico you have several dishes with insects to choose from.

Sushi with insects

Japan is another of the eastern countries that take insects as a culinary delight. In particular, populations in the interior of the country are very likely to consume different types of bugs in their usual menu.

The black bee larvae have already reached a version gourmet in different restaurants. Also cooked grasshoppers and worms. As in Thailand, they are fond of eating silkworms and the fried Argentine cockroach is considered a dish of the gods.

Senegalese dish - Kalungui Nathan / Wikimedia Commons

There are several countries in Africa where it is recommended to eat insects in the daily diet. One of the peculiarities is that many of the consumable species are large. They are giant bugs and therefore full of protein.

For example, in the Congo, jungle worms are eaten with cassava flour. In Uganda, gigantic worms are consumed, which they call "senene", well seasoned with spicy. And in Cameroon and Angola fry the grasshoppers and put some onion to make them more appetizing.

Meanwhile, in the Central African Republic, roasted worms are appetizing snacks. In Ghana, meanwhile, they worship giant moth caterpillars. They also make great breads with the larvae of various bugs.

If you feel some disgust when you think about those dishes, you better not be astonished. It is proven that people who are not from those countries, we can get to consume up to a kilo of insects a year Without us realizing.

As scrupulous as you are, there are a lot of bugs that come in fruits and vegetables and are imperceptible. For example, a glass of orange juice implies the ingestion of at least five fruit flies. If you take it every day, at the end of the year you will have consumed up to half a kilo of those insects.

Out of anecdotes, the truth is that the rejection of this type of food is purely cultural. Finally, what it is about is to take advantage of the environment to get nutrients. Many people and many people could alleviate hunger if we were more flexible with these nutritional barriers.

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