Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the only 7-star hotel

Dubai is a city to which the word "great" is too short. In recent years the world has set its sights on this amazing and imposing city in which everything, absolutely everything, is possible. In fact, is in Dubai where the best hotel in the world is located, the amazing Burj Al Arab, the only one that has 7 stars Would you like to meet him? Join us 

The impressive Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

The hotel Burj Al Arab Dubai is consolidated as the best in the world to be the only one that has 7 quality stars. That is to say, The best hotels in the world are considered 5 stars, well, Burj Al Arab has 7. It is not difficult to imagine the facilities and services of this amazing hotel.

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Dubai is one of the emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and is definitely one of the strongest. In recent years they have stood out for their impressive constructions and the need to attract more tourists. In this order of ideas the most incredible of the hotels was thought and created, the Burj Al Arab means (the Tower of the Arabs).

"Give me the luxuries of life and I will gladly dispense with the needs."

-Frank Lloyd Wright-

This luxurious hotel, 321 meters high (is the fourth tallest hotel in the world) It is impressive from every point of view, starting with its spectacular architecture in the form of a sail. The Burj Al Arab began to be built in 1994 and its official inauguration was on December 1, 1999, becoming since then one of the best known symbols of Dubai.

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The shape of this hotel, as we have pointed out, is inspired by a sailing boat. It is also located in a unique environment, on an artificial island which is 270 meters from the beach in the Persian Gulf. This feature allows guests to enjoy the most beautiful views of the intense blue sea, as well as the modern city.

The hotel is connected to the mainland through a single street, which makes it particularly private and extremely secure.

Some features of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai

The decoration of the hotel is simply stunning, and those were the orders given by the Sheikh of Dubai to Khuan Chew, the designer responsible for such an important task. In order to achieve this goal, Chew used large amounts of the finest marble, gold leaflets and velvet.

The hotel lobby is a show in itself. It is said that Chew initially chose this area for a minimalist decoration that, of course, the sheikh did not like. He wanted every corner of the hotel to show greatness and majesty, so the designer had to reinvent herself until she achieved that goal.

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This is how the lobby was modified and today it shows bright colors on the ceiling, it has a multicolored light show, giant aquariums and dancing water fountains.

Although the hotel is an impressive 321 meters high, it hardly has 202 suites, and it is that the main thing in this case is comfort, spaciousness and comfort. The smallest rooms are 169 square meters and the largest are 780, the prices vary between $ 2,500 per night and $ 40,000 per night.

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai: amenities and much more

This hotel is not only impressive for its infrastructure, but also for its service. The hotel staff selection process is extremely rigorousThere are professionals from more than 80 countries to ensure that guests from all over the world are served in their own language and feel comfortable at all times.

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Another of the services offered by the hotel is the possibility of transportation for their guests in a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph or they can also travel to the airport by helicopter.

The Burj Al Arab has nine restaurants offering a wide variety of international dishes. One of those restaurants is Al Mahara, located under the sea, so while you taste an exquisite dish you can observe the marine life through an aquarium-shaped glass.

Do you still have any of why the Burj Al Arab in Dubai is the only 7-star hotel? Impressive infrastructure, quality service, extreme luxuries, majesty and much more. Would you like to meet him?

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