Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury and ostentation

Dubai is one of the most famous cities and capital of one of the seven Arab Emirates, located in the Persian Gulf. That is, we talk about one of the richest areas of the entire planet. There, oil and gas farms have completely transformed the old fishing villages on the shores of the Arabian desert, which are now metropolis loaded with modernity, where luxury and ostentation is the norm. This virtual walk through Dubai He will show it to us.

Dubai, an important tourist destination

Dubai - Leonid Andronov

It is true that the origin of all the wealth of Dubai lies in the fossil fuel reserves. However, that has only been the beginning, because today the enormous economic power of this place is only due in one fifth to oil.

The rest is the result of the constant commercial transactions that are made here and of the emerging tourism, since for years A large part of the multimillion-dollar investments made here are aimed at attracting visitors from all over the planet. Of course, to be able, with a high (very high) economic level.

Jameirah Palm

Jameirah Palm - Rodrigo Kristensen

The great symbol of these investments is surely the Jameirah Palm, a tourist complex composed of artificial islands whose views from the sky form a gigantic palm tree, icon of the oases of the nearby desert.

Of course, for the older inhabitants of Dubai, such interventions must seem incredible, thinking that a few decades ago this place was a humble fishing port and pearl collectors.

The Burj Al Arab hotel

Hotel Burj Al Arab - len4foto /

In the same line of ostentation and maximum expression of luxury is another of the emblems of modern Dubai. We talk about Burj Al Arab, the first hotel that had a seven star rating, that is, something like "out of category."

Here,the most exclusive guests arrive from any corner of the world to spend a lot of money and be able to say that they have stayed in it. A type of tourism that not only travels to Dubai, but without leaving the Arab Emirates also discovers its capital, Abu Dhabi.

The Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa - shutterlk

Along the same line of ostentation, one of the city's last attractions must be framed: the Burj Khalifa building, which it rises to 828 meters high. Up there you can access to reach a viewpoint from which you can see a surprisingly futuristic city, completely surrounded by desert sand and sea water.

«Money is very easy to make if you don't want anything else. But with a few exceptions, what men want is not money, but luxury, love and being admired. »

- John Steinbeck -

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates - Liji Jinaraj /

In contrast, you can visit other areas of the city that remind us of the more prototypical image of what the ancient Arab territories would be. Part of that breathes in the oldest of the souks of Dubai, the spice souk. However, the gold souk is much more frequented, by whose name we can already get an idea of ​​the goods sold here: high and very expensive jewelry.

We have already said that commerce is one of the city's sources of wealth, given the fiscal conditions of the place. And there are even organized trips that arrive in Dubai just to take tourists shopping. And especially you have to go to the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center in the world, and also one of the most luxurious that can be visited on the entire planet.

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