Tips for making a tourist trip to Israel

There are many who think about taking a tourist trip to Israel, both for religious and cultural reasons. However, there are those who may have doubts for security reasons. Or perhaps they do not finish convincing themselves to undertake the trip due to their prejudices. We are going to give you some tips to encourage you to undertake this little adventure.

Is it safe to take a tourist trip to Israel?

That is the big question anyone asks before starting any trip to the Middle East, and more specifically to Israel. Is it safe to take a tourist trip to Israel? The answer is yes.

Given the place and geopolitical context of the region, few sites can be a destination as safe as Israel. And not only in the Middle East, almost in the world.

The reason is clear, and is based on the extraordinary protection of this territory., which guarantees the safety of its inhabitants, and also of its visitors. A security with which some of our tips for a tourist trip to Israel are also related:

Be patient to enter the country

Ben Gurion Airport

The most common route of entry for those who make a tourist trip to Israel is Ben Gurion International Airport. Well, our first advice, as we have said, has to do with the security of our destiny, and that is the reason why the entry process is quite slow.

It is true that the visa has no cost, but before entering everyone who makes a tourist trip to Israel will be subjected to an intense interview About the reasons for your visit. Our advice is to be patient, be calm and not lie, since there may be questions about our life or a little annoying luggage.

More patience with other security measures

That same attitude of tranquility must be taken with the usual security arches and controls that we will meet during our stay. Measures that appear in large public or private buildings, in museums, hotels and even shopping centers.

When to take a tourist trip to Israel

Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

Once this recommendation of a general nature is known, we explain the ideal moments to propose the tourist trip to Israel. When? The best are the spring or fall months. The reason is that summer can be excessively hot. Meanwhile, winter becomes surprisingly cold.

Scroll from the airport

As usual, it is entering the country through the Ben Gurion International Airport, The start of the tourist trip to Israel usually takes place in its two main cities: Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, almost equidistant from that airport.

Both are linked by bus. However, our advice is to opt for the speed and convenience of a taxi or a taxi service. transfer Let the hotel provide us.

Wear the appropriate clothes

Mount of Olives in Jerusalem

A very important part of the places you will visit during your tourist trip to Israel has a religious content. Places where there are certain ways of dressing that are not respectful. Thus, we recommend you go comfortable and with appropriate dresses at the temperature, but at the same time decent.

That is to say, should not wear clothes that are too short, sleeveless And we must always try to have a handkerchief or jacket on hand to cover us on certain visits.

And attention to footwear

In this case our recommendation is not so much for respect as for comfort. You will pass through many places with irregular signatures. From the cobbled streets of Jerusalem to the immediate vicinity of the Dead Sea. Therefore, he wears a comfortable shoe, so that those visits do not become a suffering.

Take loose money and haggle

Mahade Yehuda Market - Émilien Ruiz /

In Israel you will have no problem to pay by card or to get money at ATMs. But nevertheless, we recommend you always carry loose money and enter your markets typical. There you will have to haggle with the sellers, something that can be fun and you will get some discount.

Forget about prejudices

Once you have seen these tips for your tourist trip to Israel, we will provide you with the most important one so that you can enjoy the experience of knowing one of the key places of our civilization and Western culture. Travel to Israel without prejudice, willing to discover its people.

Although certainly, this It is a tip that you should actually apply to any of your trips around the world. Especially when you visit places with a culture very different from yours.

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