Plan for a 3-day getaway to Paris

How many days should a getaway to Paris last? How much you want and you can afford. Parisian charms are almost countless, so you can be there days and days. There will always be places to meet or places you want to return to. However, it is difficult to travel without limit. Therefore, we propose a plan to enjoy Paris in 72 intense hours.

First day of the escape to Paris

Let's start our getaway to Paris in the oldest part of the city, La Cité, an island of the Seine. There is the Notre Dame Cathedral, whose good morning visit is spectacular. And we will also visit the Sainte Chapelle, another wonderful Gothic temple.

Notre Dame Cathedral

After that, we can take a walk until we reach the Louvre Museum. If we have planned the visit well, it is advisable to enter and take advantage of what is left tomorrow to walk before your masterpieces.

There we must stop before the Greek statues of the Venus de Milo or the Victory of Samothrace. And then you will have to marvel at the canvases of Leonardo, Rubens or Delacroix, among many other great works of art history.

We could spend there hours, even days, but you have to take advantage of the time. So it's time to eat a quick snack at the Tuileries Gardens. Y Then we will walk to the elegant Place Vendôme, where is the Ritz Hotel and some of the most glamorous business in Paris.

We will not lose that atmosphere of elegance in the rest of the day, since the idea is to tour the Place de la Concorde, then the Champs Elysees and, finally, reach the Arc de Triomphe, to go up to your terrace and have a view of the most aristocratic area of ​​Paris.

There, to make up for the midday snack, we can find a good restaurant for tonight, although we already warn you that it will be expensive.

Second day in Paris

Eiffel Tower

The second day of the trip to Paris we will spend it on the other side of the river. We will start in the Trocadero square, for the views it offers of the Eiffel Tower. We will approach her crossing the Seine, until we reach the Field of Mars.

It is essential to access the inside of the Eiffel Tower and climb to one of its viewpoints. From there all Paris is at our feet. But you should buy tickets in advance.

From the top of the tower we can see the points to which we will go later. First, near the Rodin Museum, which we can visit on another trip. Then you have to get close to the Invalids, with its impressive dome. And from there we are approaching the river again.

The vision of one of its most artistic bridges is a must: the Alexandre III bridge. If we crossed it, it would lead us to the spectacular Petit and Grand Palais. But we are going to look for a bistrot in this area to eat a typical onion soup.

After lunch we can continue walking along the banks of the Seine. We will arrive at the Orsay Museum, where we will spend the rest of the afternoon Seeing one of the best collections of impressionist and post-impressionist art in the world.

Third day in Paris

Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre

Our last day in Paris will begin with the extravagant architecture of the Pompidou Center. We can enter to see its contemporary art collections, but also its lobby or certain areas of free access, and thus see this curious building inside.

Then it's time to walk through the Le Marais neighborhood, where there are many charming shops and cafes to have lunch before arriving at one of the most beautiful squares in Paris. It is that of the Vosges, a must see in the French capital. As much as we enter the subway, that today we will take it to go to the Abbesses stop.

Once there, we will spend the afternoon in the Montmartre neighborhood. Touring its hill, seeing the Sacré Coeur and the views of the entire city, since we are saying goodbye to Paris.

In this way, at dusk we can dine at the restaurants in this area, and then spend the last night in the most rogue neighborhood of the city: Pigalle. Without a doubt, a magnificent farewell to our trip to Paris.

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