The largest endorheic lake in the world

The Caspian Sea is the largest endorheic lake in the world. That is to say, that it is the one of greater extension among those that evaporate in their surface all the water that they collect in their hydrographic basin that, in this case, is between Europe and Asia. Want to know more about this natural wonder? Well, don't hesitate to keep reading.

Origin and characteristics of the Caspian Sea

Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea has approximately 30 million years. Since then it has received various names, such as the Hircanio ocean or the Khazar Sea. But why do we talk about the sea if it is really a lake? The reason is that large-scale endorheic lakes receive that denomination and the qualification of closed or inland sea.

Regarding its characteristics, It has an area of ​​371 000 km² and an average depth of 170 meters, although the maximum is 995 meters. The largest contributions of water are received from the Volga River and serve as a natural border to five countries: Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

Taking into account that constitutes 40% of the continental waters of the entire planetIt is not surprising that it has a rich fauna. Sturgeons especially stand out, from whose eggs the famous caviar is obtained. We must also mention the Caspian seal, endemic species and one of the few that live in inland waters.

Visit this endorheic lake

As we have advanced, the Caspian Sea can be known from five countries, as they all have cities on the banks of this endorheic lake. A) Yes, in Russia you should visit Astrakhan or Derbent, whose citadel, old city and fortress are declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Baku view

Azerbaijan is the country with more places bathed by the Caspian Sea. We can mention Baku, the capital, which had a tourist infrastructure, now in ruins to spend the summer on the shore of the lake. We must also name Astara, Lanzaran, Sumqayit, Neft Daslari and Xacmas. Any of them is a good choice.

While, in Iran we can approach Bandar-e Anzali, formerly considered as the port of Rasht. It is a city that has as its main attraction the beaches of the Caspian Sea.

From the other countries, Turkmenistan highlights Turkmenbashi. Meanwhile, in Kazakhstan, Atyrau and Aktau should be mentioned.

Precisely, until Aktau sails every week a ferry from Baku, so in addition to knowing the sites that stretch along the Caspian Sea coast you can navigate through it to have an even more complete experience.

Other important endorheic lakes

In addition to the Caspian Sea, there are other important endorheic lakes, such as Lake Neusiedl and Trasimeno, both in Europe. The first is surrounded by Austria and Hungary and has an area of ​​315 km². Meanwhile, the second is located in central Italy and has three islands: Maggiore, Polvese and Minore.

Dead Sea

Of the old continent we move to Asia, where Lake Baljash is located. It is a peculiar lake that is in Kazakhstan. What makes it special? That in one of its extremes the water is fresh, while in the other it is salty.

But if there is an outstanding endorheic lake in Asia it is the dead Sea. It has a high concentration of salts, so we can float on it effortlessly while enjoying its benefits. Especially noteworthy are those related to the skin, muscle diseases, fatigue or stress.

America is the continent with the most important endorheic lakes: the Great Salt Lake, the lake of Texcoco, the lagoons of Mayran and Viesca, that of Tlahualilo, the lake of Valencia and the Chiquita Sea.

There are also relevant endorheic lakes in Africa (Lake Chad, Lake Natron and Lake Turkan), in Australia (Lake Eyre, the largest and the lowest point in the country) and in Antarctica (Lake Don Juan and Lake Vanda).

As you have seen, the Caspian Sea, in addition to impressing by its characteristics, It is a place not to be missed on any trip made to the countries to which it serves as a natural border. Do you dare to set course for this fabulous lake?

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