What you need to know to face your first plane trip

There is always a first time for everything and flying is no exception. The first plane trip is no nonsense. In fact, rising through the air is not within our instinct as human beings. Then there are the movies, accidents and many other things that cause great fear when it comes to climbing one of those steel birds.

According to data from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in 2017 regular services transported around 4100 million passengers. It seems a large number, however, if you take into account that in the world live 7500 million people, it is not so much. A good part of the population does not travel by plane.

Nevertheless, it is becoming easier and more accessible to use this means of transport. Therefore, surely at this time there are many people who are going to make their first plane trip. What should those first timers do to make the experience pleasant? Here are some tips that can help.

You, who are going to experience your first plane trip, the first thing you have to know is that it is not as rare as it seems. Most of the time you will feel the same as you feel when you travel in a terrestrial environment. Actually, in general, there are even fewer sensations.

There are only two moments when the sensations are different. On takeoff, the plane takes great speed and you hear how the turbines cause great noise. You also feel, obviously, progressive acceleration. You may notice some vertigo. How to solve it? Simple: hold your breath a little while the plane takes off.

At the landing there are less sensations than when taking off, but you can still see how the plane is losing height and then touches the ground. There you feel speed again, but not as bluntly as on takeoff.

┬┐Check in?

Surely you've heard the expression several times check in, but you are not sure what it is. As well, In principle, it is the confirmation that you are going to travel. In general, during this procedure you can also choose or confirm a seat inside the device.

It can be done personally or online. In the latter case it is called 'web check in'. In case you do it via the Internet, you just have to look for the tab that says 'web check in' or 'check in'. This tab is normally available between 72 and 48 hours before the flight. Enter the information requested and you will get a receipt.

The personal procedure is done at the airport, on the airline panel. Right there they will ask for your identification. If you carry hold baggage, they will register it in the same procedure. The point is that you have to arrive well in advance to carry out the check in Without haste or problems.

It is always good to arrive at the airport in time, especially if it's your first plane trip. Sometimes a simple traffic congestion can turn into a nightmare. So you better take enough time to face possible eventualities.

Sometimes, with the check in made via the Internet they give you your boarding pass at once. If not, you must request it at the airline counter. On that pass is the waiting room number to which you should go. If it's a national flight, go to the national departures gate. And if it is international, do the same.

If you go to a local destination, before you arrive at the waiting room you will have a simple luggage check. You will have to show your boarding pass and that's it. If you go to another country, you will have to go through the migration area. There they verify your identity and may ask you a couple of questions. They will also check the luggage.

Then, simply, you should look for the assigned waiting room until they call to board. In the meantime, you can read, talk, take a few photographs or simply observe. As soon as you hear that you can get on the plane, take a step forward and fly!

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