Explore the Savannah History Museum in Georgia

If you are interested in the history of the United States, you cannot miss the Savannah History Museum. It is a small but interesting museum of which, for many, it is one of the most beautiful cities in this country, recognized worldwide by the famous film bank Forrest Gump.

Savannah is the third city in number of inhabitants of the state of Georgia. It is located on the Atlantic coast, next to the mouth of the homonymous river. It is the oldest city in Georgia and it is believed that it was the first planned American city, with perpendicular streets and spaces for parks and squares.

This is a magical place where the traces of the past are felt. We want to make you feel in your own flesh the history of this city. To do this, we will visit the Savannah History Museum, although first we will see what happened here.

Savannah, one of the oldest treasures in the United States

Before the arrival of the settlers, the region was inhabited by the people shawnee. A town that moved to the banks of the Savannah River around the year 1680. It is thought that the name of the river and the city derives from the ethnonym of this town known by different local variants: Shawano, Savano, Savana and Savannah.

The colonial port city

Savannah view

When the settlers arrived in the region on February 12, 1733, were received by indigenous authorities and merchants that probably allowed their settlement. The city was then founded and the colony of Georgia was formed. In 1751 Savannah and the colony became a royal colony and the city became its capital.

The site became the most important commercial port in the south of the Thirteen Colonies. Therefore, when the War of Independence broke out, the British took the city in 1778.

Despite the siege of the city, starring American soldiers with the support of French and Haitian troops, it was not possible to expel the British, who remained in Savannah until 1782.

Savannah prevents its destruction in the civil war

In 1804, the Georgia state captaincy moved to Milledgeville. This change in capital did not affect this city of Buenos Aires thanks to the activity of the port. The economic potential of the city and its prominent position in the Confederation made it one of the main objectives of the northern troops.

To prevent its destruction by the federal army, local authorities negotiated a peaceful surrender. In this way, the essence of the city was preserved and thanks to it today we can stroll through its streets full of history.

The Savannah History Museum

Bank of Forrest Gump - f_iodinea / Flickr.com

Located in the Tricentennial Park, the museum occupies the old passenger station of the Georgia Central Railway. The Coastal Heritage Society has been managing it since 1990. It transformed the terminal, operational until 1971, into a permanent exhibition that shows different objects related to the history of the town.

The exhibit too highlights the different contributions that from Savannah were made to the world of music, culture and art. The movie bank Forrest Gump or the life of the Girl Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low, are examples of this. The exhibition is structured in four main themes.

1. Local history

The sections that address this theme speak of different aspects of the local history of Savannah. Here you will learn more about Native Americans who inhabited the region before the arrival of settlers or life in the colonial era.

The expansion of cotton production and marketing and the city's port activity are also addressed. Even there is a section dedicated to Irish immigration.

2. Savannah and the wars

The history of the United States is closely linked to some of the most transcendent war episodes of mankind. Therefore, the exhibition devotes various sections. You want to highlight what your role was and it shows how the war of independence, civil war and world wars affected Savannah.

3. The Savannah History Museum and transportation

Steam locomotive - Bruce Tuten / Flickr.com

With this theme, it seeks to highlight the importance of different means of locomotion, such as the railway with the Central of Georgia Railway or the hybrid sail and steam ship, SS Savannah, in the development of the locality.

4. Culture in the Savannah History Museum

Highlighting the role that this city played in the cultural development of the country is another of the issues addressed by the exhibition. Thus, Sections are dedicated to showcasing the art and entertainment of the city, highlighting the figure of Juliette Gordon or the Coastal Jazz Association.

But in the Savannah History Museum we can not only enjoy the permanent exhibition. It also offers the possibility of celebrating and enjoying events. of all kinds surrounded by history.

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