Visit the Kobuk Valley National Park in Alaska

We will discover one of the wonders of Alaska, in the United States. Kobuk Valley National Park has been a national monument since 1978 and one of the largest parks in the state and across the country. Would you like to know more about him? We tell you!

Kobuk Valley, one of Alaska's parks

The Kobuk Valley National Park occupies a territory of almost 7000 km² and is located in the heart of Alaska. It is located a few kilometers from the Arctic circle, so its ecosystem is marked by cold weather.

Dunes in Kobuk Valley

One of the protagonists of the landscape is the Kobuk River at its mouth in the Chukchi Sea. The walls of the valley have a very marked relief. In addition, it is surrounded by the Waring Mountains and the Baird Mountains to the north and south, respectively.

In the extension of the park there are large sand dunes, one of the most active closest to the Arctic circle.

It is one of the places protected by its impeccable nature, since the landscapes have hardly been affected by the action of man. In fact, its ecosystem has been protected since December 1, 1978, when the United States government decided to name it a national monument to protect its fauna and flora.

As a curiosity, Kobuk Valley Park it is not one of the most visited places within all the national parks of the United States. In fact, the visits do not exceed the annual thousand in recent years.

What to do in Kobuk Valley?

Kobuk Valley

Due to its geographical situation the climate of this park is fundamentally cold, though not always. In fact, if we thought about what to do in Kobuk Valley, we would possibly think of American films that unfold in nature in the middle of winter.

It's like that because you can move around Kobuk Valley on dog sleds or on foot, since in the park it offers you those services. Next to the sledges, it also offers boat trips, hiking trails, fishing, etc. Many travelers tend to camp at night around the park due to its length.

How to get to the park?

Kobuk Valley is at the end of the Alaska region, so a long journey awaits you. In addition, the journey to the heart of the park is most peculiar, since It is a region that is not easy to reach and difficult access where the landscape is in a natural state.

Therefore, the first thing you have to know is thatthe park has no access road. However, you can access on foot, through sleds, snowmobiles or air taxis that leave from Nome and Kotzebue, the two closest cities to this natural area.

Visit tips to Kobuk Valley

Caribou on the Kobuk River

Encouraged to visit Kobuk Valley? The time you want to visit will be key. Although the park is in one of the northernmost regions, temperatures vary considerably depending on the time of year. The winters are cold, but in summer the temperatures can be really warm.

That said, consider yourself well what clothes you want to wear: if layered and waterproof clothes for winter or cool and breathable clothes for summer. Further, remember to carry a backpack with provisions, water and food if you are going to spend more than one day in the park.

Finally, plan your visit well, since the park is large and, above all, be careful with nature! Remember that first of all you are in a protected place, so it is forbidden to litter, make fire or anything that could harm the species that live there.

Perhaps the remoteness of the Kobuk Valley park does not make it a very visited space. However, there is no doubt that it is one of the most unique natural places in North America. Ideal to get lost in nature, discover its boreal forests and the waters of the Kobuk River. Do you want to miss it?

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