Sipadan Island and its wonderful water activities

Sipadan Island is one of the best places in all of Malaysia to practice diving. If you are a fan of this underwater sport, you have to travel to this corner of the world, as you will be fascinated by what these exceptional seabeds offer you. After all, it is only the emerging part of a large volcano whose slopes are snorkeling.

Where is the island of Sipadan

Malaysia is a fairly complex territory. In large part, it is the last stretch of the Malacca peninsula, which is one of the extremes of Southeast Asia. And around that peninsular territory, where the capital, Kuala Lampur, is located, there are a large number of islands and islets belonging to the national territory.

But also, another large percentage of Malaysia is located on the island of Borneo. And also in front of that gigantic island there are many others, smaller, bathed by the sea of ​​Celebes. Well, precisely there, in the easternmost area, is where our paradisiacal destination for diving is located: the island of Sipadan.

Staying on the island of… Mabul

Mabul Island Resort

Maybe you will think that you are going to the island of Sipadan you can stay there and spend day and night in this wonderful place. Will not be able! In an exceptional case within the tourism policy of this region of the world, Malaysian authorities have legislated to protect this wonder of nature, preventing there the establishment of hotels and resorts.

It is only possible to make day trips to enjoy the island of Sipadan and its seabed. And that with a limited number of daily visitors, in addition to diving here you pay more than in other parts of the country. However, it is possible to sleep nearby, on the neighboring island of Mabul

There we already find an interesting hotel offer, similar to what may be in other archipelagos of Malaysia, such as the Perhentian Islands. And also Mabul is where all the services are hired to live the unique diving experience of Sipadan.

Diving on Sipadan Island

Divers from all over the world have different places to which they want to go sooner or later. There are those who look forward to touring the seabed of Mexico. Or there are those who are eager to swim among the underwater secrets of the Philippines or the Red Sea. And of course, many are crazy to go to the island of Sipadán. Why? Now we tell you.

As we have advanced, the island of Sipadán would be the crater of an underwater volcano, whose slope sinks up to 600 meters deep. Walking through these walls is the experience that the place offers us, and it can be done in several charismatic places:

Barracuda Point

Barracuda Bank

The large barracks of barracudas are one of the typical images of underwater photography on the island of Sipadan. Well, the best place to live that experience is north of the island, in the Barracuda Point area. Although not only barracudas are seen, thousands of jackfish also appear, as well as it is possible to see different types of sharks or large manta rays.

South point

All those large species or gigantic groupers can also be seen at the other end of the island of Sipadan, in South Point. Here you always have to be aware because suddenly we can gape at the elegant slip of a huge whale shark.

Whale shark

Hanging Gardens

The largest coral garden of Sipadan bottoms is enjoyed in this area. A whole repertoire of colors and shapes between which you will swim and the nice clown fish, which will guide us between gorgonians, anemones, corals, sponges, etc ...

Turtle Cavern, a special place on the island of Sipadan

The island of Sipadán is sometimes known as the turtle island, for the large amount there is. And the best place to check is this underwater cave located almost 20 meters deep. It is passable, although it is advisable to go with local guides, since there are several tunnels inside.

Actually, It is good to go with guides in any of the dives. Thanks to them we will not get lost, we will go with more security and enjoy the experience much more, because they are the best connoisseurs of the fascinating secrets that hide the bottoms of the island of Sipadan.

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