Perucica in Bosnia: a rainforest in Europe

Perucica? Maybe that name doesn't sound like anything to you. No wonder, since many places in Bosnia and Herzegovina are true strangers in the West. However, when you read this, you should not forget Perucica because we are going to talk about the last of the rain forests that are still in Europe.

The attractions of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Actually, we cannot deny that everything that sounds to us about Bosnia, unfortunately, we relate to the recent Balkan war which devastated this country of the extinct Yugoslavia. Even from a tourist point of view, one of the biggest attractions of the country is the beautiful city of Mostar, whose monumentality was restored after the conflict thanks to international cooperation.

But nevertheless, in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are many other wonders to discover. We could tell you, for example, about a place as beautiful as the population of Blagaj or many other places full of history, art and traditions. But today we want to focus on the exceptional natural values ​​of the dense forest of Perucica, one of the wonders of the country.

The rainforest of Perucica

By saying rainforest, without a doubt, the landscapes of the Amazon come to mind or the most emblematic lands of the African continent. Others relate it to the jungles of Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand. But we will rarely think of a jungle located in Europe. Well, yes we can find something very similar in Perucica.

Perucica, Biosphere Reserve

The uniqueness of Perucica is such that It is a place that can only be accessed in the company of an authorized guide. That guarantees habitat conservation. In addition, it is the safest way that we do not get lost in a space that lacks the usual paths for visitors.

And if that weren't enough, thanks to the guide we will know the best kept secrets of this valuable wet forest.It is a virgin forest, with trees that have up to three centuries of life and, therefore, considerable dimensions. And in its shadow grow thousands and thousands of smaller plants that make it a real natural jungle.

It is an ideal space for wildlife to take refuge there in the wild, from large mammals to countless tiny insects. After all, it is a jungle, but this time located in Old Europe.

Here, the most spectacular trees are great beech trees, black pines, firs and spruces, some of which can exceed 60 meters high.

Where is Perucica

Although Perucica is a space that it is thus preserved mainly for scientific and educational uses, you can always participate in the select guided tours inside. So we will tell you where one of the few primeval forests that have stood the test of time and man in the European continent.

Perucica is integrated into the Sutjeska National Park, in the area of ​​the Zelengora massif, which is near the border with Montenegro. This is another of the splintered republics of the former Yugoslavia, but increasingly known by tourists for places like Kotor, on the shores of the Mediterranean, something that still does not happen too much with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sutjeska National Park and surroundings

However, this Central European country can be very interesting for a holiday, for being an economic destination and for treasuring really beautiful historical corners. And it is also a good place for nature lovers to travel. In that stands out Sutjeska National Park, the largest and oldest in the entire country.

There we can not only visit this exceptional tropical forest, You can also ascend to the highest peaks in the area, like the Maglic, over 2300 meters high. And you can take a walk to see the beautiful waterfall of Skakavac, formed by the waters of the Perucica River and which has a fall of almost 80 meters. In short, hidden jewels in this country that deserves to be discovered.

Video: Perućica - Primeval Forest in Bosnia and Herzegovina (December 2019).