Travel to outer space, why not?

Who has not fantasized about traveling to outer space ... However, many times we woke up thinking it was an unattainable dream. The myth that only people of exceptional characteristics could perform it has already died.

Today it is possible to travel to outer space, at least for those who really want it and have the budget to pay for it. Before they only fit into those plans governments, the military and the specialized private company. Everything was restricted and the selection of astronauts, very demanding. Now everything has changed.

Currently, civilians can travel to outer space. The range of options is increasingly wide and only limited by determination and costs. Even so, There are already many companies that sell tours space and many who buy them and are on the waiting list.

Experience zero gravity, G forces, being able to see the blue planet from outside and live the experience of becoming an astronaut is a real possibility today. Traveling to outer space is a fascinating and terrifying opportunity at the same time. If you are interested in delving a little deeper into the subject, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Zero gravity with Zero Gravity Corporation

Zero Gravity Corporation is an American company based in Arlington, Virginia. It offers the possibility of experiencing weightlessness or zero gravity. To do this, it will use a modified Boeing 727, with which it seeks for passengers to float in space.

This is achieved with a parabolic arc flight. The total duration of the experience will be approximately 90 minutes and it will cost $ 5200. In addition, passengers will obtain a certificate of weightlessness, souvenirs and a video that records the experience.

Travel to outer space with World View Enterprises

World View Enterprises is an American private company that is dedicated to the technological exploration of space. It is located in Tucson, Arizona. His proposal is to use a pressurized capsule to go to outer space which will be transported by a specialized balloon about 30,000 meters high.

Future passengers will not need to do a training course. The capsule will describe a suborbital path and return to Earth thanks to a parachute system. The entire flight will have a total duration of 5 hours and cost $ 75,000. It is another option to travel to outer space.

XCOR Aerospace

XCOR Aerospace is an American company dedicated to the development of rocket engines and space planes. It is located in the air and space port of Mojave, in California. He proposes to fly to outer space using the Lynx rocket plane, which can only take the pilot and a passenger.

The company justifies its profitability by making four daily trips. XCOR Aerospace has managed to sell hundreds of tickets, which has allowed it to have an economic base to advance several test flights. The cost of each ticket is $ 95,000. It is an interesting alternative to travel to outer space.

The same company simultaneously advances another project. This is the XCOR Future Astronaut Program. In this, for $ 150,000 it will be possible to experience zero gravity for 6 minutes. This experience of emptiness will take place 100 kilometers from the earth's surface. The ship in which said flight will be made will be a two-seater XCOR Lynx Mark II, with a rocket engine.

Virgin Galactic, another option to travel to outer space

Virgin Galactic is a Virgin Group company, owned by Sir Richard Branson and located in Pasadena, California. In this case, the purpose is to travel in the SpaceshipTwo ship, which will be driven from a mothership called WhiteKnightTwo, at 14,000 meters high.

After this separation, the SpaceshipTwo it will reach a height of 110,000 meters above the surface of the Earth. Later, you will return planning, similar to how space shuttles do. It is one of the options to travel to outer space that has received more welcome.

The price for each passenger will be $ 250,000. SpaceshipTwor It has the capacity to transport 6 passengers, who must follow a three-day training, together with the crew. More than 600 space tourists have already purchased their tickets.

Space adventures

It is a company founded in 1998, by a group of aerospace experts inclined to carry out adventure trips. It is a private company, with headquarters in Vienna. It has offices in Cape Canaveral, Moscow, Tokyo and more than 50 agencies worldwide. It is the most expensive alternative to travel to outer space.

It offers a plan only for billionaires, because the ticket has a cost of 50 million dollars. In fact, seven people have already made this trip, which lasted two days. The idea is that now spend ten days in the International Space Station. This orbits the Earth 400,000 meters from the earth's surface.

Travel to outer space with SpaceX

It is an American aerospace transport company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk. This man is co-founder of PayPal and founder of SolarCity, Tesla Motors, The Boring Company, Hyperloop and OpenAI. His proposal is to make a trip to the Moon and return, without landing on it.

Each trip will last 7 days. This ambitious project will revive the trips to the Moon, after 45 years of not being carried out. It will take place in the Dragon space capsule, which must perform an orbital displacement to access the satellite. One of the great advantages is that the capsule will be reusable.

This company has already made successful flights for NASA in which it has managed to engage with the International Space Station. It is estimated that the cost of each trip will be 140 million dollars for 7 passengers, that is, 20 million each.

Mars One Project

Seeks to establish a human settlement on Mars. The project includes sending unmanned missions initially. These will carry the necessary equipment and materials to build the structure where residents will live.

The project only includes one-way ticket. More than 78,000 candidates from around 120 countries have already applied. To be eligible, candidates must be over 18 years of age, complete the application and be in good physical and mental condition.

The elected will receive an 8-year training. The first flight is expected to take place in 2023. Then flights will be made every two years, with four crew members each. The ticket is free. A real madness within the options to travel to outer space.

Video: Virgin Galactic In Space For The First Time (December 2019).